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A short history from arcade to online gambling
by Tyler Green

Video games have become an increasingly important form of entertainment since their first appearance in the 1970s, and during this time games have evolved dramatically, both in their complexity and mainstream appeal. Recent research in the US has shown that 71% of people aged between 6 and 49 regularly play video games, and therefore it would seem that there are very few homes not equipped with some sort of device on which games can be played.

However, the domination of home gaming is a relatively new phenomenon; once it was arcade games that were the dominant player in the market, because home gaming technology simply couldn't match what arcades had to offer. Itwas only when the quality of home gaming consoles began to make rapid strides forward in the 1990s that the popularity and universality of arcade games began to wane (read about the history of arcade games on Wikipedia ).

Arcade games, however, have not been completely forgotten and there remains a loyal legion of fans who continue to play them, and niche developers who create new games that play in an arcade style. Websites such as ours are dedicated to the world of retro-gaming, and it's a great resource for anyone interested in arcade games and early home video game consoles. As you can see on these pages dedicated to arcade-style games that can be played online in Flash mode; these are new and original games that play like classic games.

For fans of arcade games and online Flash games, online casinos also offer a further range of engaging and entertaining games that can be played in Flash mode on a desktop or mobile. On most sites, online casino games can be played for free directly in a browser without any need to sign up or register for an account. Playing in Flash doesn't mean a reduction in gaming quality or action, however, as Flash mode games play in exactly the same way as the full versions.

  Online casino games are popular with arcade and video gamers for the way in which they have successfully adapted popular movie and video game franchises, as well as television shows and comics. This is especially the case with online slots, where leading developers frequently purchase the rights to hit movies and video games and then use the characters and plots, as well as the music and sound effects, as the basis for a game. These games, because of the high expectations of fans of the original, are very often the most imaginative and innovative online slots, and the gameplay can be both complex and challenging ( play the best Slot Machine games here ).

In most of these themed online slots, the bonus rounds and features play almost as separate games within the game, and for those who like the fast-paced action of arcade games, they can be extremely entertaining. Developers are becoming ever more creative in the styles of games they create, and online slots now offer much higher levels of engagement and a highly interactive playing style, designed to appeal the video game generation and fans of arcade games from the past. To find out more about online slots that players can enjoy for free in Flash mode, read the most popular Canadian casino reviews here.


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