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Classic Gaming IRC Chat


Here's a list of useful commands once you are logged in. All commands have to start with a slash (/) !

Command Meaning
/nick Change your nickname: ex: /nick digdug
/whois username Requests additional information about the user with the given name. ex: /whois GDG
/me does something Sends an "action" or "emotion". ex: /me is playing a game of Donkey Kong on the side
/msg username text Sends a text privately to the user with the given name. ex: /msg GDG I want to give you my entire classic game collection
/away text Lets the group know you're stepping away for a bit. ex: /away going to get another cold one from the fridge
Typing /away turns away mode off again
/ignore username Ignores the user with the given name, which means you will not see any more messages from that user. ex: /ignore mthomasson
/clear Clear off the chat window.
/topic Displays the chat topic
/quit This command will officially exit you from the room.


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