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Meet the Players responsible for your playtime!

Ed Averett

Ed Averett developed a whopping twenty-four games for Magnavox's Odyssey2 system. Responsible for roughly half the game library, Ed believed in the Odyssey2 and kept it humming long before Magnavox and parent company Philips saw the light.

His creation, KC Munchkin, pitted Magnavox against industry leader Atari in the courts over the fate of maze games resembling Pac-Man.

Michael Thomasson

author of Downright Bizarre Games:
Video Games that Crossed the Line

Interviewed by Patrick Hickey Jr. of REVIEW FIX

Ted Dabney

Ted Dabney was the co-founder of Syzygy and Atari. First US Interview in THIRTY YEARS! With Al Alcorn and Nolan Bushnell, Ted unwittingly helped launch a thirty-eight billion dollar industry with the introduction of Computer Space and Pong.
Jean-Philippe (a/k/a Youki)

Jean-Philippe, also known as Youkie, is one of the Colecovisions best friends! He directs Coleco's machine like a conducter directs a symphony. 'Smurf Challenge' and 'Knight'n More' really show off his mad coding skills! 

Howard Scott Warshaw

Howard Scott Warshaw is the programmer responsible Atari's biggest selling original
game for the 2600 console: Yar's Revenge.  He's also responsible for Atari's E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial which many have credited with starting the video game crash of the mid-'80s.
Michael Thomasson

of Good Deal Games

Interviewed by The Laird of Retro Video Gamer

Harry Dodgson

Harry Dodgson is the primary reason that we are all here. Well, not our actual existence, but why GDG's Homebrew Heaven exists since Harry is responsible for creating the first homebrew game and started the entire craze! And... he barely beat me to it, the bum!
Scott Huggins

Scott is a professional Software Engineer that brings new life to the Colecovision console on the side. With two arcade ports and even his own original title released, Scott's vision is now our vision on the Colecovision!

David D. Thiel

If the character string,"@!#?@!" means something to you, then you know David Thiel's audio work. David gave a voice to Q*bert, and worked on many high-profile arcade coin-op and pinball machines.
Luc Miron & Eduardo Mello

Luc Miron and Eduardo Mello partner to create some absolutely fantastic game titles for the beloved Colecovision. Their operation, Opcode Games, has already released several titles. Plus, more software, and even new hardware, is in the works!

Philip Klaus Krause

Philipp is possibly the only salsa dancing, arrow flinging, mountain-dwelling Colecovision programmer on the planet! With several successful games programmed behind his belt, we listen when he has something to say about our favorite system.
Michael Thomasson

of Good Deal Games

Interviewed by Carl Williams of UnNamed Gaming

Tim Arnold

Tim shares his personal collection, the largest collection in the world, at the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame. His not-for-profit interactive museum graciously donates to the Salvation Army and other philanphropies. Tim's silver balls help make the world a better place one shiny quarter at a time!
Robert DeCrescenzo

Robert is a leading force behind modern-day development for the Atari 7800! His prowess has produced several newly programmed 7800 games in addition to resurrecting three long lost titles.

Steve DeFrisco

Steve is a true veteran concerning video games. Having programmed for Atari, Sega and Sony platforms, his contributions span several console generations, and he continues to give to the gaming community.Trouble, and more!
Darrell Spice, Jr.

Darrell is responsible for the excellent remake of Atari's 'Warlords' known as 'Medieval Mayhem', the VCS game 'Stay Frosty' and ported the popular Stella emulator to the OS/2.

Fred Rubatino

Fred Rubatino is an Electrical Engineer and long-time Atari 5200 fan. In 1983 his desire for a more responsive and reliable 5200 controller led him to develop the legendary REI Starcon, one of the rarest 5200 peripherals.

Michael Thomasson

of Good Deal Games

Interviewed by Robert Paulsen of FMV World

Jeff Kulczycki

Jeff Kulczycki takes good things and makes them even better! He has altered many coin-op favorites such as Dragon's Lair, and recently offered four new levels to the original Donkey Kong that would make DK creator Shigeru Miyamoto blush with pride!
Luca Antignano

Luca has been active on the emulation scene for a decade, most notably simulating the popular Nintendo Game & Watch titles. He is also one of the world's most knowledgeable CreatiVision experts, assisting in preserving the rare console and its place in history forever!

Darrin DeMarco

Darrin DeMarco is the star of the popular low-budget Nintendo inspired film, "River City Rumble," a member of X-Strike Studios and MORE!
Darren McManus

While this artist may not be a household name, he skillfully blends fine art and videgames, and is a d@mn good painter!

Todd Rogers

Marathon gamer, Hi-scorer, Record breaker, Activision and Twin Galaxies spokesperson, member of the U.S. National Videogame Team, Game mag author, Joystick endorser, Life-survivor and more! Todd has many interesting tales to tell...
Walter Day

Walter Day, founder of the Twin Galaxies Intergalactic Scoreboard, is the single authority in the world of competitive videogame playing, and is known as the official scorekeeper for the world of video game & pinball playing. Formed in 1981 as a humble Fairfield, Iowa game-room during the golden age of videogames, Walter Day has maintained the scoreboard for over two decades!

George Pelonis

George is a modern day Vectrex game designer and programmer. He creates new original titles that push the vintage Vectrex hardware.
Michael Thomasson
of Good Deal Games
of Good Deal Games

Interviewed by Ken Horowitz of Sega-16

Keithen Hayenga

Keithen Hayanga was an Apple II and Atari hardware and software programmer. Keithen worked on the JoyPort, Computer Foosball, RealSports Football and several other unpublished projects such as Tempest for the Atari 5200.
Steve Woita

Steve Woita's career has crossed many paths: Apple, Atari, Tengen, Sega, Nintendo, 3DO, & Sony. Being involved in both hardware & software creation, Steve has developed for most consoles.

D. B. Wiess

D.B. has authored what we believe as the first fictional book featuring videogames. "Lucky Wander Boy" tells the tale of Adam Pennyman obsessed in pursuing the truth about a mysterious coin-op from his youth, and the trouble that follows his wreckless course of actions.
James Caruso

James Caruso was the executive producer of STARCADE, the televised game show where contestants competed by answering trivia questions about video games and by playing video games. The show aired on television stations across the US in the 1980's, and featured the hottest video games of that time. Today, the games of STARCADE are considered the classics of the video game industry.

Charles Martinet

Martinet is a voice actor involved in many cartoons, movies, television show and, of course, games; including many Star Wars titles. He is best known, however, as the voice of Mario! WeeHee!
Michael Thomasson

of Good Deal Games

Interviewed by Bill Loguidice of Armchair Arcade

Rusel DeMaria and Johnny Wilson

Co-authors of the excellent publication 'Hi Score! The Illustrated History of Electronic Games' and industry insiders speak about videogame history and more!
Dave Levison

Producer/Remixer, Musician, and Sound Designer. Dave L's career spans a decade and includes albums, films, television, cartoons, live theater and an obscene amount of LucasArts video games, including several Star Wars titles, Indiana Jones, Escape from Monkey Island, and more!

Ron Lloyd

Ron Lloyd, known as the 'Coffee Man' (or as 'Café Garçon' to our French speaking Friends) REALLY likes Coffee! More importantly, Ron is the leading modern-day programmer for the Atari 5200 Super System.
Zach Meston

Notorius videogame author and previous employee of Working Designs. Zach has written an enormous amount of the content for Prima Publishing & Sandwich Islands Publishing, including the Secrets of the Games and Nintendo Games Secrets books. He also has his hands involved in a few other projects.

Simon Quernhorst

Simon Quernhorst is a long-time study of the Commodore 64, and recently converted his game 'Mental Kombat' for the Atari VCS with spectacular programming finesse and packaging!
Michael Thomasson

of Good Deal Games

Interviewed by Matt Helgeson of Game Informer Magazine

David Crane

David Crane is one of the most talented and successful software and hardware designers of all time! An Atari programmer, co-founder of Activision, and generally known for creating the wildly popular '82 game of the year, Pitfall!
James Balmer

James Balmer is a true Nintendo fan at heart. His desire to play his NES anywhere resulted in him developing a portable 8-bit Nintendo.

Mike Beauchamp

Mike Beauchamp is a Canadian with way too much free time! Okay, all jokes aside, this genius has wired the first Atari 2600 to the world wide web, and few other amazing feats!
Joe Grand

An Engineer by trade, Joe has applied his knowledge to the classic gaming community and recently released SCSIcide for the Atari 2600. He also operates Pixels Past a great classic gaming resource!

Dave Perry

The founder of Shiny Entertainment, is most notably known for designing Earthworm Jim,
as well as programming numerous other great pieces of software.
Michael Thomasson

of Good Deal Games

Interviewed by Sega CD Universe

Clay Cowgill
Clay Cowgill is the prgrammer of Vectrex Moonlander, creator of many arcade coin-op kits, as well as a 'Mad Scientist'.

Deborah Palicia

This New Jersey native and resident has been collecting Pac-Man related items since the early eighties. She recently published the book Pac-Man Collectables, the ultimate resource for Pac-Man fanatics!

Kristof Tuts
Kristoff is an Electronics Engineer in Belgium, and a hobbyist programmer of the Vectrex. He has been programming on the vectrex for over three years, and has four (count 'em -1,2,3,4) games nearing completion and release.

Ronen Habot

Ronen is the programmer of VECTRACE & VABOOM! Vectrex games. He is also the first to create games for the Vectrex for use with the modified Atari 2600 paddle controllers.

John Dondzila

John Dondzila of Classic Gaming Creations is a
modern day programmer of classic gaming consoles. He has coded for the Vectrex, Odyssey2, and the Colecovision.
Chris Salomon

Chris Salomon is the programmer of the excellent Vectrex V-Frogger.

John Sellers

John Sellers, a recovering video game junkie, writes for GQ, TV Guide, Maxim, and other national magazines. He was a staff writer on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. He recently published 'Arcade Fever', the ultimate coffee table book!
Rodney Greenblat

Rodney is the talented artist that created the unique characters for Sony's popular music games Parappa the Rapper & UmJammer Lammy.

Keith Robinson

Mattel Electronics programmer and designer of the Intellivision game 'TRON Solar Sailor'. Keith is also the Co-founder and President of Intellivision Productions, cartoonist, and inspiration for the videogame 'Normy's Beach-Babe-O-Rama' on the Sega Genesis.
Michael Thomasson

of Good Deal Games

Interviewed by Clear Vision Gaming

Richard Yasi

Classic Gamer & Senior Designer for
Papyrus Racing Games! If you like to drive from within your living room, then give this interview a spin!
Craig Padilla

Craig Padilla is a musician and was also the voice of the Penguin Guard of Icycal in Working Designs classic Sega CD title Popful Mail.