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GDG Publishing
Releasing NEW Items for Classic Gamers!

Introducing the Arcade Ambiance
Audio Compact Disc Series

These are the pivotal years
and you walk the halls of your local arcade...

This collection is as it was.

Filled with the electronic hums and beeps you remember along with classic sounds such as the shuffle of the crowd, coin changer samples, Attract modes and more!

"I closed my eyes today and took a virtual walk through a mid 80s arcade. I accomplished this seemingly impossible feat via the latest edition of GDG's Arcade Ambiance series. Soon, I could almost smell the snacks and see the players, hear their arguements and the small sounds of quarters being lined up along the coin-op controller rims in order to determine order of play. Then, like a symphony conductor,
my ear would seek out familiar groupings of sound effects and delightfully manic arcade machine music, allowing me to identify a game here, a game there. But mostly I allowed the sounds of a wonderful past time to simply wash over me. For veteran gamers, this is mood audio of the first order."

Bill Kunkel "The Game Doctor"
Electronic Games Magazine




The fourth & final
Arcade Ambiance volume is now available.

Now with PINBALL!

Take a trip
back to...


"If I close my eyes while listening to Arcade Ambiance, I can clearly envision myself hanging out at the local Golfland Arcade circa 1983 sporting the latest in early 80's fashion (camouflage Vans and a Members Only jacket), while feeding quarter after quarter into Dig Dug, Galaga and Phoenix. Thanks for taking me back to a happier time."                                           

"Arcade Ambiance takes me back to the awe of the big arcades from my childhood, when my biggest concern in life was running out of quarters! Great nostalgia!"    
                                           David Lewis

Available Now!
Only $12.99 each

or GRAB all FOUR volumes
for only $39.99


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