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GDG Publishing
Releasing NEW Games for Classic Systems!

Battle Frenzy
for the SEGA CD


Hunt your Targets!!
Fulfill your Mission!!

In December of 2049, the Sol System is assaulted by an alien armada. Your mission is to board the enemy’s primary battle cruiser and disable sixteen plasma nodes using data retrieved from a captured alien vessel. To help give you an edge, you have been physically adapted to help prepare for the upcoming confrontation. The Battle Frenzy chip, codenamed Bloodshot, has been implanted into your neural net transforming you into a decisive instrument of carnage!

Navigate in Three-Dimensions
on the Sega CD!!


NNot affiliated with or endorsed by Sega Enterprises Limited, Domark, or Time-Warner Interactive.

Available Now!
Only $24.99

Single Player Action
and Two-Player Deathmatch Modes!


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