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for the SEGA CD


In transit to soccer practice, Marko can't believe his eyes when he witnesses the cunning Colonel Brown transform a meek rat in the alley to a hideous sludge creature. The mutant rat attacks our young hero, but with the help of his magic soccer ball, Marko triumphs. Marko commits to foiling Colonel Brown's evil plans of dominating North Sterlington and the adventure begins!

It's Magic!!


NNot affiliated with or endorsed by Sega Enterprises Limited, Domark, or Time-Warner Interactive.

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Only $24.99

Roam through city streets, the sewers, construction sites, the forest and the circus in a quest to defeat the mad Colonial Brown and his gruesome army of green sludge monsters.Marko's only weapons are his pop gun and his amazing soccer ball, which he uses to knock out crazy clowns, gangs, sludge monsters, and other nasties.
You'll also have to master key skills like knee taps, headers and bicycle kicks to advance to the final showdown!

Colonel Brown is GOING DOWN!!


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