Classic Videogame Crossword Puzzles

1: Play Atari 2600 games w/ this device
3: The color of most Sears labels
4: Vertical shooter
6: To my family with love"
7: Utilized the Music Synthesizer
9: Designed by Steve DeFrisco of Imagic
12: Designed by Steve Montero
16: Deadly Discs
17: Mix of 4 card games
19: !$@#$!*
20: The second Dungeons & Dragons game
21: Three original games were included on this cartridge
23: Armed with a magic wand
24: 4-Player game
28: Sega's only Intellivision release
31: Inspired by Space Invaders
32: This game released by both Parker Brothers and INTV
36: EGM honorable mention for "Best Audio-Visual Effects" in '83
37: Originally meant to be released in 3D
39: This game was manufactured twice w/ differing controls
41: This game programmed in only 3 months
42: Designed by David Warhol
45: The only Coleco game to use overlays
46: Save teh downtown metroplis w/ this Intellivoice game
49: "Wish we had more time to make this game really nifty."
50: Designed by John Tomlinson
52: Sequel to Burgertime
53: Publisher of World Cup Soccer
56: Enemy Submarines
57: Late Imagic release
58: Consists of snippets from other Mattell games
60: Automatic hyperspace
62: Viking adventure
64: Exclusively used "colored squares mode"
65: Rodeo Activision style
67: Imagic's first title for the Intellivision
69: "Congratulations. You are very good."


2: LucasFilm
5: Imagic "crash" victim
8: Designed by Steve Roney, Bill Fisher, Brian Doughtery< & Mike Minkoff
10: Final game created touse the Intellivoice
11: Save the corn!
13: Originally titled "mystic Castle"
14: Hanna-Barbera tie-in
15: An Activision patch was awarded for beating this game at level 4 or higher
18: Designed by Chris Kingsly in 1978
22: Data East coin-op conversion
23: Publisher of Coleco Games in Europe
25: Three previously released games re-released
26: Eliminate disease within the human body
27: King Features Syndicate
29: Intellivision exclusive by Activision
30: This event was held in Houston, Texas
33: Kill the ducks!
34: Imagic's first Intellivision release
35: Dave Rolfe of Activision designed this game
38: Designed by Dave Rolfe in '79
40: Overhead driving game
41: A.B.P.A.
43: Designed by Greg Favor
44: Originally developed to be an AD&D license
47: Eat the flies!
48: Coleco's first Intellivision release
51: General Foods tie-in
54: Packaged with paper overlays
55: This company purchased the rights to Intellivision from Mattel
59: Canadian Intellivision game publisher
61: Angry river God
63: This game packaged with no overlays
66: Farm vegetables in the bonus round
68: Released only in Europe
69: Armed with a bow and arrow
70: Save the mermaids!
71: Voochko and Duncan
72: INTV arcade license
73: The Electric Company
74: Packaged with a map
75: Flipper fun!


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