Classic Videogame Crossword Puzzles
8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Solution

2: Famous Nintendo Game creator
3: Company approached by Nintendo originally to market the NES in the United States
4: Nintendo bought this game company
5: Atlantis Force
7: Mario's rival
8: Part 3 was the best-selling NES game
9: Released Lode Runner & Legacy of the Wizard
11: Chip & Dale
12: Family Fun Fitness game
14: The Magic of ...
18: The NES was unveiled at this June 1985 event
19: Based on the Michael J. Fox movie
20: Special Solar-Energized Jet Propulsion Super-Sonic Spacesuit
23: In Mappy, you play as this animal
26: Your player is armed with a whip
27: Hiroshi Yamauchi
28: Pink marshmellow hero of Dreamland
29: The Barbarian
31: One of the many games on the Action 52 cartridge
34: This Color Dreams company released religious games
36: Sega arcade game reprogrammed for the NES
40: Maniac Mansion
41: 4 Player accessory
43: Asterix & The Smurfs
45: This game released by both Nintendo and Tengen
47: Tonto
48: Quest of the Avatar
49: Based on the movie
51: Unlicensed NES game producer
52: Popular Hudson series
54: Game based on the Marvel Comic
56: Birthday Blowout
57: Based on the Mark Twain book
59: HiTech Expressions created this game based on the popular doll
60: Bruce Willis movie and NES game
64: This Capcom game also had a cartoon
65: Based on the Parker Brothers board game
66: Popular Konami shooter
68: Mad Magazine
71: This company made a device to play NES games on the N64
74: Globe Trotters
75: "Good Luck, You'll Need It!"
77: Play as George, and destroy cities
79: Robot Operating Buddy
82: Developer of the Final Fantasy Series
84: NES can display uo tp 16 of these on the screen simultaneously
86: This company released over 20 Disney Games
87: Chicken
89: This nine level game had it's sequel released on the Neo-Geo


1: This company beat Nintendo in the Canadian courts
6: Capcom's first NES release
9: Jordan vs.
10: Racing game consisting of tiny toy vehicles
13: Princess
15: NES' main competitor
17: Jump over the monkies on the tightrope
21: Caveman Game
22: NTSC 256x240
24: First video game to sell over one million copies
25: Movie w/ Fred Savage that first previewed Mario 3
26: Little Ninja Brothers
29: Infiltrate the Balangoolbase
30: This company released a Mario licensed game
32: European Imagineer release
33: Nintendo brand magazine
35: Zapper game
37: Obtain extra lives: press A,B,B,up,up,down,left, and start
38: Based on the television program
39: This company released very poor quality software
41: Sequel to Xevious
42: Nintendo was founded in this Japanese city
44: Creator of the licensed Batman game
50: Popular TradeWest game
53: Mattel released this peripheral based on NASA technology
55: Family Computer
58: 2 kb
59: Color Dreams label
61: This game had a hidden Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy demo
62: CHeat device by Galoob
63: Popular Japanese sport
65: DDT
67: McDonalds
69: 6502 (NMOS)
70: Endorsed by Mike Tyson
72: First third-party to sign with Nintendo
73: "Look to Heaven"
75: Up to 64 of these can be displayed in either 8x8 or 8x16 pixel patterns
76: NES lightgun
78: Tetris with hats
80: This company released 30 NES titles
81: Cogwell's Capers
83: A Boy and His ______
85: Bram Stoker
88: Anime game known as Robotech in the US
90: Sound format for the NES audio
91: Bubble Bobble
92: Great Japanese toy company and game maker
93: This heroine is revealed at the game ending as a woman
94: Shadowgate
95: Released 3 Ninja Gaiden games


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