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  Alice's Mom's Rescue! CD

This is a puzzle / platformer game in the pure style of old school pixel art.
The giant raven has captured Alice's mother. Help Alice save her mother through the 3 worlds and 25 levels! Change Alice's height by jumping on the magic mushrooms to get through the tiny spaces. Be aware that a small size will also affect Alice's physical abilities! Solve puzzles, beware of the evil cats, birds, bats & spikes, and find the right path to victory.

This is a professionally pressed and color printed CD, inside a standard clear plastic DVD box with a nice color cover and a 4 pages manual including instructions!

A 6MB ROM of the game is included on the CD, allowing you to play the game with a SkunkBoard if you don't have a Jaguar CD!

The PC Windows version of the game is also included on the CD!


  Custodian (Cartridge)

The game is an Arcade shooter in which you have to protect energy bases from parasites that are trying to drain it dry! It features 4 area levels, many weapons and power ups, and awesome chiptune music!

Custodian comes packaged in a Cardboard Box and includes a Color Instruction Manual, Poster, and Game Cartridge.


  Double Feature #1 CD

Two great strategy games in one great package!
Choose between Reversi and ConnectThem in Double Feature #1.

Four available game modes:

Human vs. Computer, Human vs. Human
Computer vs. Human, Computer vs. Computer

The following features are supported:
- Adjustable computer opponent skill level
- Adjustable screen position
- Settings stored on Memory Track cartridge
- Multi-Lingual (Dutch, English, French, German, Italian)
- Includes 24 page manual
- BJL loader included allows download of RAM-based Jaguar programs from PCs using a special cable (cable or adapter not included)

The CD is fully encrypted and runs on any stock Jaguar with CD player.



  Frog Feast CD

Frog Feast is a tribute to the classic game FROG BOG, was developed entirely from the ground up. Control one or two frogs as you jump above the lillypads and entangle as many flies as you can using your amphibious tongue. The game is played in rounds after which your score is calculated. Whomever has
caught the most flies is the winner!


  Full Circle: Rocketeer CD

"Flying through space is no picnic. Commanding an intergalactic space vessel isn't all plaid blankets and wicker baskets. All manner of peculiar happenings might ruin one's day. Take planets for instance. They're big. Really big. Often rather solid, too. For these reasons alone, it's usually advisable not to involve yourself in any sort of altercation with one, particularly when travelling through hyperspace.

This was now something Space Corps Commander Gwyn Williams knew only too well, as, from his vantage point high in the upper atmosphere, he observed the fragments of his vessel scattered over the surface of this particular example of Big Solid Planet. Sliced into three sections with the ship's cargo falling from orbit all around him, he wondered how this day might possibly get any worse... Ah! Of course! An onslaught of deadly rocks - simply perfect!"

Rebuild and reload your crashed space craft whilst fending off endless waves of hostile aliens and meteors in 16 unique levels spread over 4 worlds! Full Circle: Rocketeer features 50/60 FPS fluid gameplay (PAL/NTSC), 8 channel digital sound (music and effects), collectable bonus items, online high scores (via webcodes), MemoryTrack saving and ProPad controller support.

The physical release comes cellophane wrapped in a clear DVD box with full colour, double-sided printed inlay on a full face printed, glass-mastered CD, direct from the factory (100% professionally produced in the UK). Instructions for each game are included on the inside of the inlay. It requires no additional hardware to run other than the Jaguar CD console itself. As an added bonus, a vinyl Reboot sticker will be included with every order.



Impulse X is a Breakout-like game similar to Arkanoid. Use the bat to control a ball to clear 40 playfields full of bricks. Some bricks release PowerUps when destroyed, but beware of the nasty enemies!

Includes a password feature, two levels of difficulty, online hi-score tables, traditional and Pro-Controller support as well as support for a wide variety of rotary controllers.

This CD game comes complete with box and massive full-color manual
and a few more surprises!


  Iron Soldier 2 CD

Pilot your 42 foot tall mech robot thru 20 new missions against the evil Penta Forces. Dramatically enhanced 3-D graphics create a virtual battlefield with war waged in all 360 degrees. Outfit your mech with combinations of 12 weapons systems and begin your fight against the multitudes of enemy weapons.


  JagMIND: Bomb Squad CD

The EXPLOSIVE puzzle game from Starcat Developments!

JagMIND: Bomb Squad features:
- F
antastic high color graphics
- Adrenaline pumping CD audio music and sound effects
- Multiple game modes such as arcade mode and strategic puzzle mode.
- 2 Player Deathmatch mode
- Hidden easter eggs
- Mminimal loading times
- Highscore saving on memory track



  JagWare Collection 1.0 CD

This is a compilation of four puzzle games: Do The Same, Diamjag, Atomic Reloaded and Beebris. All four support online scoreboards. Also includes an exclusive early look at the alpha build of 'Project II', an ambitious forthcoming horizontal scrolling shmup.

Do The Same is a beautifully presented tile-rotation game where your goal is to match a given pattern of blocks in as few moves as possible (and before the time runs out). A highly polished release featuring backgrounds based on hand-crafted clay models and 112 levels to beat.

Atomic Reloaded is a logic puzzle game inspired by Thalion's Atomic in which you are tasked with creating molecules from their component atoms by moving them around a maze. Atomic Reloaded features 82 original levels guaranteed to challenge even veterans of the original!

In Diamjag you must guide a ball-like character around 28 single-screen mazes collecting diamonds - the catch being that when your ball starts rolling you wont stop again until you hit a wall!

Beebris is an updated Jaguar conversion of one of Law's old Atari ST releases based on a 'popular tetronimo game'. With four game modes, each with forty levels of difficulty,

The physical release comes cellophane wrapped in a clear DVD box with full colour, double-sided printed inlay on a full face printed, glass-mastered CD, direct from the factory (100% professionally produced in the UK). Instructions for each game are included on the inside of the inlay. It requires no additional hardware to run other than the Jaguar CD console itself.


  Kobayashi Maru: Final CD

Steer your warpship in this arcade space shooter, battling countless drones and huge boss craft in ever-tougher waves of attack. Featuring subtle use of the Jaguar's RMW graphics capabilities, background graphics blend together as you tear around in the upper atmosphere over four worlds. If you like the classic coin-op Time Pilot, you'll love Kobayashi Maru!

Final runs at 50/60 FPS (NTSC/PAL) written utilising a version of the new Raptor Engine. This retail version features updated graphics, new sound effects, webscores and of course supports Memory Track game saves. The physical copy comes cellophane wrapped in a standard DVD box with full color printed inlay on a full face printed, glass-mastered CD, direct from the factory (100% professionally produced in the UK).

This game will play if a standard jaguar Controller or Rotary controller!
The CD is fully encrypted and runs on any stock Jaguar with CD player.


  Ocean Depths CD

In Ocean Depths you explore the foreign realms of Ocean bottom. Stressed, need something to relax? Ocean Depths is exactly what you need. A relaxing slideshow journey through an ocean full of beauty and peace.

Eerievale Demo - Playable demo of Eerievale. The very first Atari Jaguar horror adventure game. Are YOU brave enough to face the evil, that is hiding in the darkness, in every unwatched corner?

JagMIND - You think you're good at cracking codes? Are you looking for a real challenge? Prove your skills in this mind bending classic that makes its first appearance on the Jag. A little but fun game to play.



Phase Zero Cartridge

Phase Zero Demo was properly licensed by Songbird Productions from the original Hyper Image team. This game is incomplete, but a very solid start on what could have been an incredible game.

You pilot your combat vehicle on a variety of missions to retrieve lost personnel and take out enemy targets. The speed of this engine is amazing, and the graphics and audio make for an enjoyable game to explore.

The Phase Zero Demo features:
- Four plusfully playable levels (additional levels are incomplete)
- Incredible 3D engine
- Variety of terrain and enemies
- Guidance system, shield management system, selectable weapons and - Animated 3D menu loaded with options and background music


  Philia CD

Philia, the sequel to Elansar, is a point & click adventure game. Explore three worlds and solve over 15 puzzles. Supports Memory Track.

Includes professionally glass-mastered CD with case and manual.


  Protector: Special Edition Cartridge

Protector: Special Edition is a new, enhanced version of Protector that is jam-packed with all kinds of goodies to make this top 10 fan favorite even better! Possible features include an exclusive JagFest 2001 group picture, JagFree CD that enable other Jaguar CD software, new waves, new enemies, new landscapes, gameplay enhancements, and more! This is one Special Edition you won't want to miss.

Nobody ever said exploring the universe would be easy. In the next century, mankind has taken its interstellar efforts to new levels of achievement. Probes now speed out of our solar system at unimaginable speeds, and terraforming is being tested on a large planetoid named Haven-7 which now orbits close to Earth.

It turns out that our probes were all too successful -- a swarm of ravenous alien ships have arrived at Earth, and all-out war has resulted. Fortunately, we were not unprepared, but it will be a long and sordid fight. Meanwhile, the poor inhabitants of Haven-7 are left on their own, with only one ship spared for their defense. You are the PROTECTOR of Haven-7!

Protector is a joint development by Bethesda Softworks and Songbird Productions. The game is an incredible, fast-paced, blast-filled bi-directional shooter. Are you ready to protect your territory from the alien swarm? Can you keep those inhabitants safely located on the ground, or will they be mutated into an even deadlier foe? And don't forget to grab those powerups to enhance your ship and purchase even more upgrades at the Galactic Shop.

Other features:
40+ waves of heart-stopping action
60 FPS 90+% of the time
Over 100 simultaneous active objects
Rendered enemies and explosions
Digitally sampled audio effects
Wide variety of original foes and bosses
3 difficulty levels
3 layers of parallax scrolling
In-game music
Saved game support for each difficulty level

Includes playable Native Demo! Plus Jag Ads Bonus CD!

Some graphics in this game were created by
GDG's own Michael Thomasson!


  Protector: Resurgence CD

Invaders have jammed our newly deployed missile silos, meteor storms strike at will, and scouting reports indicate the deadly Vorton obliterates everything in its path. Will you be the next PROTECTOR?

RESURGENCE is an expansion CD for your Protector SE cartridge. It builds on the fan-favorite Protector SE, and adds even more content and challenges. Because this is an expansion CD and not a full game, a Protector SE cartridge is required to play this CD on the Jaguar 64-bit interactive multimedia system.


  • 24 new waves, including 12 standard waves and 12 expert waves
  • New galaxy and ground graphics specially optimized for the Protector SE engine
  • Easier gameplay ramp for the first few waves
  • New player ship animation and gameplay attributes
  • New music
  • New enemies, including two flavors of missile silos and the deadly Vorton boss



  Robinson's Requiem CD

The action unfolds in the middle of the twenty-second century, at a time when the Earth and some of its colonized planets are already over-populated. Robinson is the nickname given to members of AWE - Alien World Exploration - a military body whose task it is to explore totally unknown planets.

You are a Robinson. Your last mission takes you to an uncharted planet where something goes horribly wrong. Now you must survive the harsh environment and somehow make your way... home.

-Fully explorable 3D environment encompassing 3 square miles
-Rendered and live actor video sequences
-Dozens of items to collect, use, and build
-Sesame mini-computer which tracks your health vitals
                                and maps the area around you
-Memory Track support for saved games

This is a professionally glass-mastered CD complete with box and color manual.



Sky Hammer Cartridge

In the mid-21st century, power-hungry corporations rule the streets of the largest cities. You have been employed by Cytox as a Skyhammer pilot to protect its corporate investments. You will undertake a wide variety of missions to prove your ability and ensure long-term revenues for Cytox.

Skyhammer was developed exclusively for the Atari Jaguar by famed Jaguar and PC developer Rebellion. The game features full-freedom 3D motion, nonlinear missions that allow you to reach objectives and repair your craft according to your decisions, and enough missiles, cannons, counter-measures, and bombs to repel any foe.

Other features:
Huge texture-mapped 3D city
Responsive flight controls: fly over buildings, in loops, or upside-down
Two game play modes -- Mission and Battle
Multiple levels of game difficulty
Upgradable ship
ProController/keypad support
In-game music
AI-controlled friendly and unfriendly vehicles
Saved game support



Soccer Kid Cartridge

Disaster! An alien of the cup collecting kind has stolen the World Cup.

Double Disaster!! In a collision with an asteroid the trophy is smashed into five pieces and scattered around the globe. Join Soccer Kid in his quest to recover and reassemble the World Cup. His un-ball-ievable ball skills are put to the test like never before. It's awesome arcade action all the way with a blistering soundtrack to match.

Other features:
- More than 20 levels of frantic fun!
- Tons of awesome soccer moves
- Parallax scrolling
- In-game music
- Saved game support via password


  Soul Star CD

A thousand light-years away, across a yawning gulf of space and time, the six planets of the Soul Star system perform a peaceful celestial dance around their youthful suns, unaware of the horror soon to come. A horror in the dreaded shape of the Myrkoids, an alien species older than the stars themselves, with a unified mind far colder than the space between those stars. The Myrkoids - killers of worlds - descend upon unsuspecting star systems, sucking them dry and draining every planet of its internal energies. They leave nothing in their savage wake but empty husks drifting lifelessly in space. Following the destruction of his home system, Byrk Hammelt, the last of a noble race of warriors known as the Cryo-commandos, sets out in his great starship, the Treaghon, to hunt down the merciless Myrkoids. He has hunted them for centuries, tracked them across the trackless wastes of the Great Divide, searched for the destructive evidence of their presence in the starfields of Maldrum Tau, and chased them at light speed through the hypergate at Viridum Plus .... For eons he has followed, and they have always eluded him. Until now. Now he'll face this ancient enemy in a battle for the soul of a star ..."

This is an incomplete but very playable version of the Sega CD game ported to the Atari Jaguar CD. The Jaguar version features a higher screen resolution and improved color palette than the Sega CD version. Requires a ByPass Cartridge to boot.


  Switchblade Cartridge

The Fireblade, sacred symbol of the ancient Switchblade clan, has been smashed into 16 pieces by the evil Havoc - but they say that a Hiro can save it, and as Hiro, you must retrieve the 16 pieces and restore your people's pride.

The gameplay is platform and ladders based, set both inside and outside. The layout of the territories becomes visible as you progress, and they can contain bonus weapons and secret rooms. Unlike the sequel you start without weaponry, and this is gained directly, rather than you collecting coins and trading them at shop sections. Holding down fire progressively builds up your fighting power.

Cover Artwork by Simon Phipps original creator of Switchblade!

Switchblade includes a Cardboard Box, Color Instruction Manual,
Poster, and Game Cartridge



Total Carnage Cartridge

Total Carnage is the unofficial sequel to Smash T.V. A classic arcade game originally ported by Hand Made Software and licensed from long-time game publisher Midway. One or two players assume the roles of Captain Carnage or Major Mayhem in a tongue-in-cheek frantic assault on the dastardly forces of General Ahkboob. There is an unending -- often overwhelming -- number of enemies pursuing the heroes at all times, but thankfully there are also many powerups, bombs, and even missile strikes to assist players in their quest. Player strive to rescue civilians and collect valuable items such as keys, dogtags, and more.

Are you prepared for Total Carnage?


  World Tour Racing CD

World Tour Racing is the first Grand Prix style racing game for Jaguar. Select your racer, customize its features, and set off to conquer the international racing world. With multiple camera angles, this game really puts you in the driver's seat. Split screen, head 2 head competition in two player mode. A multitude of features makes each race a new experience!



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