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  Another World

Also known as Out Of This World, Another World is a pioneer action/platformer that released across more than a dozen platforms since its debut in 1991. Along the years, Another World™ has attained cult status among critics and sophisticated gamers alike. Another World™ chronicles the story of Lester Knight Chaykin a young scientist hurtled through space and time by a nuclear experiment that goes wrong. In an alien and inhospitable world, you will have to dodge, outwit, and overcome the host of alien monsters, while surviving an environment as deadly as your enemies. Only a perfect blend of logic and skill will get you past the deadly obstacles that lie in wait.

Remastered presentation:
- VGA graphics faithful to the original design
- 3 difficulty modes - Normal (easier than original game), Difficult (Equal to original game) and Hardcore (more difficult than original game)
- A new immersive experience - Rediscover a cult adventure with 100% remastered sounds and FX


  Bang Bang Busters

A terrible threat hanging over the galaxy! The distress signal sent by the planet Palua is a trap set for the two space policemen, Lazy and Refia. Escape from this trap by crossing different levels filled with monsters determined to keep you prisoners. Use your powers to seize them and project it onto other enemies. Another player can join the game as the other hero.

Bang Bang Busters was an unreleased prototype originally developed in 1994. In 2011 the specialty publisher Neo Conception International got the rights to the game and made a special run of 100 AES cartridges of the game for the US market. In 2012 they created a Neo Geo CD version of the game for their second print run. Licensed once more Bang Busters makes its way onto the Sega Dreamcast.



Iskar has stolen all the sheep and Zeus must prove that he is the coolest sheep herder around by traveling on an adventure to get the all back! Can you get Zeus through the different challenges that will face him on his quest to restore peace to the pasture? Prove you are the Cool Herder by challenging your friends or the computer in four player, head-to-head sheep herding action!



DUX is a scrolling shooter in the vein of R-Type. When scientists searched for new materials to enhance their space ships, they discovered a new and powerful material they dubbed DUX. Since this type of material proved unstable, nobody except the player seemed brave enough to fly the space ship constructed from it. The player's job is to lead the ship through a series of horizontal levels against the Spiritual Spacers "to reach the obvious."

The player's ship has a standard laser shot that can be upgraded or changed for x-ray and bounce shots, which are very similar to the weapons in R-Type. The player also has a pod that protects them from enemy bullets and that can be launched as an offensive weapon in a move called "dash." Keeping the fire button pressed will launch a more powerful hyper shot.

To score points, the player can destroy chains of enemies in quick succession or soak up chains of bullets. Hyper Soaking makes the player invulnerable to bullets, but drains the Obvious Energy gauge if not enough bullets are soaked in or new energy orbs are picked up. The player wins the game if they manage to beat all the bosses at the end of each level. If they are hit by a bullet or collide with their surroundings, a life is lost. After all lives and continues are depleted, the game is over.



DUX 1.5

DUX Version 1.5 features new re-balanced gameplay and new music composed by Andre Neuman and Marco Groß. This awesome jewelcase edition comes with Spinecard. Features: 6 Stages and a 16bit Soundtrack.

New 1.5 Features:
-Re-balanced Gameplay
-New rockin' Soundtrack by Andre Naumann and Marco Groß
-Custom Controls


  Elansar & Philia (2 PACK)

Two adventure games on 2 CDs

Elansar & Philia are 2 point & click adventure game in the spirit of Myst.

Elansar will let you explore an island and solve puzzles.
Will you uncover the Island's mystery ?

Philia is the sequel to Elansar.
Explore three worlds and solve over 15 puzzles by trying to understand how they work, and enjoy a nice background loving story.

Elansar is available in English, French, German & Spanish language.
Philia is available in English and French.


  Escape 2042

Discover a futuristic fast-paced platformer game in pixel art, including 2 mini-games and a SpeedRun mode!

The game takes place in three different environments (prison, desert, forest) and is interspersed with 2 mini-games, including a reversed “Shoot'em Up” and an original rappelling game!

Avoid the security cameras, collect grenades to get rid of your enemies, exercise your working memory by hacking the computers of the prison to unlock the doors or to disactivate the safety systems.


  Fade to Black: Flashback

The year is 2190. As Conrad, the hero from Flashback: The Quest for Identity, you awaken from a long cryogenic sleep only to find the aliens you thought you had defeated 50 years ago now threatens to enslave the human race.

This gut-wrenching action-adventure drops you into a vast 3D labyrinth with unimaginative challenges at every step. Extensive player-controlled animations bring the horror to life, and the shifting cinematic camera angles create a variable perspective to help you elude the array of alien traps. Fifty years ago you thought you had them beat. Don't be fooled again!



Feet of Fury

Welcome to Feet of Fury, where Cryptic Allusion has taken the idea of a "dance game" one step further! Play as one of nine characters in a battle to rule the dancing galaxy! Earn points to be used in the unlock store to unlock more characters, more music and more bonus features than any dance game ever!

Show your friends who really have the best dance steps as you challenge them in head-to-head dance offs. If they don't present enough of a challenge, you can always take on the computer in any of the Feet of Fury modes!

Don't want to dance? Use your controller instead, or plug in a keyboard and prove that you are have what it takes to beat the best in Typing of Fury! When you tire of the built in song selection, you can download or create your own Swap-CD to dance to an endless number of tunes!

Do you have what it takes to dance your way across the galaxy? Can you prove that YOU have the Feet of Fury?


  Finding Teddy

A little girl was sleeping peacefully with her Teddy bear when suddenly, a monster popped out from her cupboard then stole her favorite plush. When closing the door, the little girl awoke then got inside the cupboard. and was projected into a magical world, full of monsters and oddities.She must now explore this strange land and help its inhabitants in order to rescue her Teddy.Still one question remains: will she be able to go back to the real world?



Flashback is a sci-fi adventure game that came out back in 1992 for multiple platforms including the Amiga, Atari Jaguar, and SEGA's own Mega Drive/Genesis to name a few.

The 1992 cinematic platformer makes its way to Sega's Dreacast. Reminiscent of the original Prince of Persia, Flashback follows the story of amnesiac Conrad B. Hartin the year 2140. Chased by mutants, he crash-lands in a jungle on Titan. After he comes to, he finds a holocube with a recorded message to himself telling him to search for a friend of his. Just where will this story lead?




$39.75 with PHYSICAL

As Joe King, the pilot of the Amazon Queen, you must navigate your own fate in this point-and-click adventure brimming with fun-filled action. What began as a piece of cake job - flying a sexy movie star, Faye Russel to her next shooting location, soon turns out to be a dangerous challenge, as you must outwit your unscrupulous rival the flying Dutchman and foil the plans of the evil genius Doctor Frank Ironstein… In the mysterious Amazon jungle you'll encounter a dangerous temple, fearsome Amazonian warriors, and a powerful mad scientist intent on taking over the world!

The game includes game disc with a massive 20-page manual that includes a new EXCLUSIVE interview with the game creator, designer, and programmer John Passfield.

Please note that due to compatibility issues between ScummVM and the Dreamcast, you may experience slight skips in the music and/or voices. This does not affect gameplay.


  Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas

A twelve-stage romp through prehistory, starring a wealth of the best-known Flintstones characters as they participate in the legendary Boulderball Run road race. This illegal tournament takes place on the roads between Bedrock and Rock Vegas, with the winner receiving a huge diamond ring for their troubles. Utilising cartoon-style graphics and fast 3D routines, The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas offers a novel twist on the racing theme.

The path to Rock Vegas pits the player against a series of arduous cross-country routes not to mention aggressive opponents who will do anything to get their hand on that ring. As such, anything goes with players collecting and using an assortment of weaponry in an attempt to be first past the finishing line.

This game will work on a standard Sega Dreamcast. No modding or boot up disc required!



Although tiger mum forbids little Sheran to play with edibles, there is simply no way to stop him from playing with fruits found inside the deep jungle. Being shiny, smelling wonderful and tasting even better Sheran can't be kept away. So let's do the best we could do: Support him! Imported from Germany.

Fruit'Y Features

* Hand set pixels!
* Amiga chiptunes!
* Score tracking!
* 120 levels!
* Comes on pressed picture CD and inlay cover inside a DVD box.
* Runs on every standard DreamCast


  Geist Force

Geist Force was a highly anticipated, yet never released Starfox inspired shooter. A massive 3D shooting world on rails set on an alien planet in the distant future. Su Sanai, a planet at the far end of the galaxy and at the edge of oblivion. Fly through massive open worlds and defeat the invasion of the evil queen.

This game will work on a standard Sega Dreamcast. No modding or boot up disc required!



Half-Life is a science fiction first-person shooter. Players assume the role of Dr. Gordon Freeman, who must fight his way out of a secret research facility after an experiment goes wrong, fighting enemies and solving puzzles. This game will work on a standard Sega Dreamcast. No modding or boot up disc required!

The Dreamcast port features
an exclusive mission pack called Half-Life: Blue Shift.




Hermes is an extraordinary Jump'n' Run game with plenty of bad taste humour. If you feel offended by crude and dirty humour you may run away now. The game also features pixel violence and promotes the consumption of meat. If you are a hardcore vegetarian, you might very much dislike the game or just have a good laugh.

Our hero, known to his friends as Hermes, lives in France, the country of love which is also known for its exquisite cuisine. One day Hermes had an appetite for grilled chicken. Certainly a man's man like Hermes, wouldn't go to the supermarket for frozen chicken. No! He's going to slaughter his own farm-raised free range chicken, but this chicken has a mind of his own. This is where our story starts...

Chase the escaped chicken to catch it and prepare yourself an unforgettable barbecue-grilled chicken. Yummy! But hell, that chicken sure runs fast!

FEATURES: Hand set pixels! Amiga chiptunes! Score tracking! 32 levels! Hidden warp zones! Boss fight! Supports HDMI & VGA Cables, and REGION FREE.




Inhabitants is an independently developed commercial puzzle game created by S+F Software.

The goal of this puzzler is to clear up as many tiles as possible at once, never less than two at a time but also never more than five. Five tiles can only be cleared if they have the shape of a plus, meaning one in the center, two at the sides and two above and below. If you can clear a whole five-tile you get a bonus. This type of gameplay also requires you to use new kinds of strategies.

There is an easy mode and a normal mode with fifteen levels each. By finishing those levels without running out of tiles with at least two tiles of the same shape, you can unlock new tilesets and advanced extras like a challenge mode.

Also a multiplayer mode is included where you can play with up to three friends.


  IRIDES: Master of Blocks

Irides: Master of Blocks
is an incredible puzzler game where the player has to match blocks of similar colors together to eliminate them, score points and create combos. The faster that the blocks are connected and the more blocks there are, the better the score when they are eliminated! Just like all of the great classic puzzle games, Irides: Master of Blocks is an easy concept, but one that is tough to master!

Irides: Master of Blocks contains over 30 levels of content , challenging players with different Power Blocks to either assist or hamper your progression through the game. Players can also attempt to become the Master of Blocks with a friend in Co-Op mode, progressing through the game with both players playing in the same playfield. A two-to-four player multiplayer mode allows players to face off against friends or foes to see who is the true Master of Blocks!



  Leona's Tricky Adventures

Leona's Tricky Adventures is inspired by a clever puzzle game mechanic which was briefly explored in the very early 90s but sadly faded from prominence shortly after.

The basic task is to match two increasingly complex patterns using increasingly complex mechanics. While it can't be directly compared to any contemporary game the mental skills required by the puzzles put them somewhere in between "Picross" and "Bejeweled" – and in our humble opinion they can easily stand up against those games.

Leona's Tricky Adventures is filled with hundreds of puzzles which provide many hours of fun gameplay - but unlike most puzzle games: No, it does not stop there!


  Magic Pockets

The young Bitmap Kid has pants with bottomless pockets, allowing him to store all his favorite toys. But these pockets overlook a universe called PocketLand and the inhabitants had a bad idea to steal the precious objects of Bitmap Kid.

Venture into many levels where you have to crush your enemies with a multitude of weapons right out of your pockets and find the exit of the course by collecting the most points possible. You will be able to count on power-ups to overcome this fantastic adventure.

A good platform game featuring a strange kid in a fantasyland plot with many cute details, extras, cool music (more than 20 tracks) The intro music is by Betty Boo (Doin' the Do), and is quite memorable.



Maqiupai is an independently developed commercial arcade-style version of the chinese tile-based game Mahjong for the Sega Dreamcast.


  Orion's Puzzle Collection

THREE puzzle games in one CD!

Yopaz IceStar
is a puzzle game featuring 40 levels in 3 worlds, local highscore and a built in Level Editor ! You play as Yopaz and the vacuum of space forces you to slide indefinitely when you run in one direction. Only an ice wall will stop you in your tracks! With this unusual constraint, you will need to collect all the stars on each level. You will be able to change your color and collect stars of the corresponding color! Your color will also allow you to go through teleporters, direction changers, or even protect you from enemies!

Yopaz 3D is the 3D version of Yopaz IceStar, where you have to collect all the diamonds and avoid the enemies, but this time in a 3D world! Rotate the camera wisely to understand all your moving possibilities and create up to 8 custom levels with the built-in 3D Level Editor!

Turtle Chomp is a fun casual puzzle game. Try to make the longest fruits line and chain the combos ! Make the best Highscore and compete with your friends !


  Propeller Arena

Propeller Arena is an arcade-style flying game where one or more players dog fight one another in WWII-style propeller powered planes.

"This is coming to you from Aviation Radio Station. The year is 2045. Who thought of this? I don't know! But it's a crazy tournament of cool battles in the sky. Aviation Battle Championships begin! Proud Warriors of the world's skies gather in hopes of winning the prize!"

This game will work on a standard Sega Dreamcast. No modding or boot up disc required!


  REDUX: Dark Matters

Redux: Dark Matters is a space shooting game with fresh scoring elements and an incredible soundtrack composed by Andre Neuman featuring legendary video game composer Chris Huelsbeck (Turrican, R-Type). Featuring arcade style visuals with in-space, robot blasting, shooting game action. Developed by René Hellwig from NG:DEV.TEAM (GunLord, Fast Striker, Last Hope and DUX) and programmed by KTX Software Development.

Tons of Weapons
Arcade Style Visuals
7 Stages with Huge Boss Enemies
Arcade Gameplay and Addictive Scoring System
Awesome Soundtrack Composed by Andre Neumann


  Rush Rush Rally Racing DX

Rush Rush Rally Racing is an old school 2D racing game for SEGA Dreamcast. No sponsored cars, no realistic environments - just plain old fun

  Single-player grand prix mode with four difficulty levels
  Three multi-player modes to enjoy with up to four players
  Five race cars to choose from
  10 Grand Prix race tracks
  9 additional multi-player race tracks
  Awesome soundtrack by Black Device
  Autosave to VMU (any port, file uses just 2 blocks)
  Rumble pack support
  Supports PAL (50/60 Hz), NTSC and VGA displays
  Configurable controls and many other options
  Animated cut scenes
  Plus even more unlockable content!
  Online Highscore!

This game is region-free:
Runs on every MIL PAL, NTSC-US and NTSC-J Dreamcast.



Strap into the pilots seat,Sturmwind needs you to defend the homeworld! Sturmwind has been receiving a multitude of international press since it's inception, and rightly so! This title is a love letter to the golden age of shmups, taking the Dreamcast console to new heights utilizing a clever hybrid 2D/3D engine.In relation to the system's age,Sturmwind looks and feels absolutely amazing.

With 16 levels and 7 worlds, 20 giantbosses and over 100 enemies, players can expect one of their best shmup experiences as they search for the "Mother," the planet of our ancestors!

Sturmwind is region-free and supports both PAL at 50Hz and 60Hz, as well as NTSC and VGA. An arcade stick (both analog and digital) as well as the standard joypad can be used, with allcontrols configurable. On top of that theVMU and rumble pack support are also enabled, 16 stages

  • Adjustable screen position
  • Different weapons selectable
  • More than 20 large boss enemies
  • Hundreds of different enemies
  • FMV intro sequence
  • CDDA Sound
  • Works with any MIL-CD compatible Dreamcast
  • Supports Joypad, Arcade Stick (Analog/Digital), VMU, and Rumble Pack
  • Internet Hi-Score Tables
  • Award Trophy System with unlockable content



  The Escapee

Only one way out, the leak! Captured in his living room by aliens, Daniel White finds himself on a very distant planet where he is chased by unfriendly life forms. Your escape to Earth will not be easy and you will have to thwart many dangers to get there. Solve puzzles, eliminate or avoid your enemies will not be an easy task.

This remastered version includes numerous animations of the character, an upwardly revised soundtrack, more intiative commissions and dozens of different deaths for a surprising ending. FEATURES: Incredible amount of hand drawn graphics, 5 minutes long intro and outro sequences, tons of death cut-scenes, in-game hint system, easy controls, 7 levels through the alien planet, top quality soundtrack with more than 30 tracks, main character with more than 1200 hand drawn animation frames, tons of monsters and robots to kill and avoid, surprising end sequence, puzzles and adventure elements, heated action against tricky enemies, supports HD VGA Cables and HDMI Cables, region free.


  Volgarr the Viking

Return to the Golden Age of arcades with a hardcore action platformer that pulls no punches! Possesses all the hallmarks of true classics like Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (SNES), Rastan Saga (Arcade), Castlevania (NES) and more with precise controls, high challenge, and meticulous design. Up for a challenge? This game is TOUGH!

  • Seven worlds to exlpore across 30+ maps
    Meticulous control design with full customization
    Thousands of frames of handcrafted pixel animations
  • 40+ unique traps and enemies, including screen-filling bosses

This game will work on a standard Sega Dreamcast. No modding or boot up disc required!


  Wind and Water Puzzle Battles

The basic strategy of the game is to rotate the elements to match them in a diamond shape. When teh blocks have the same element, they will disappear from the board.

Introducing new character: Mr. VMU
Both English and Japanese translation
Mastered CD soundtrack and Arcade "Danger Break" system

Professional pressed CD-ROM with 4 color print 40 page full color manual
English and Japanese manual text with extensive artwork
Shrinkpacked Spinecard (Obi) in Jewel Case with white tray

This game is region-free:
Runs on every MIL PAL, NTSC-US and NTSC-J Dreamcast.


  Xeno Crisis

Xeno Crisis is an arena shooter in which up to two players take control of battle-hardened marines embarking on a deadly mission to confront an alien menace! Run and gun your way through thousands of adversaries, searching for survivors, and ultimately facing the origin of the outpost's demise.


  Yeah Yeah Beebiss II

The sequel to the legendary game that never existed, Yeah Yeah Beabiss II on the Sega Dreamcast offers authentic 8-bit visuals, a catchy soundtrack, and simple addictive gameplay.

As Kyonshi Hui and Jiangshi Bo, it is your quest to banish evil in all 10 levels before facing a mutated mass of pure evil - the boss to end all bosses. Hui zaps foes whilst Bo absorbs their life force.


  Zia and the Goddesses of Magic

Zia and the Goddesses of Magic is a 16-bit styled RPG with a unique battle system!

In a world where magic is Queen, people lived happily and safely under the protection of the ten guardian goddesses. Out of the unknown came a powerful demon who brought trouble upon the world, and all the goddesses got captured and locked away.

Zia is a little girl who lives in a village in the mountains with her parents.
When she was younger, she discovered a spell book and started to practice magic.

An old wise man came and told Zia about the existence of several spell books spread around the world. During her journey, Zia will discover the trapped goddesses.

Now is your chance to help her rescue the goddesses from the evil creatures by casting magic spells!



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