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JawBreaker II, JunkWall, Kung-Fu Master, and MazezaM

We also have a single copy of Mecha-8 and Buck Rogers: Super Game
Available. Please note that they both REQUIRE the Super Game Module!


A.E. (Anti-Environmental Encounter)

The AE were designed as pollution-fighting robots, intended to save the world. However, the AE prototypes have a bug which makes them the polluters. The AE somehow slipped through quality control, out into the unsuspecting universe. The AE must be stopped!

A.E. includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



  Arcade Quality Controller
Real Arcade Joystick & Buttons

Numeric KeyPad
Sturdy Acrylic Case
Removable 5ft non-coiled cord
Two (2) Side Buttons for Pinball Games
Supports all 4 Super Action Buttons (no spinner)
Colecovision Arcade Quality Controller Frontplate

Only 30 Arcade Quality Controllers Manufactured
Includes Certificate of Authenticity




Aliens from the planet of Krytlov have begun an attack on the planet Zondar. The Krytlovians are warriors out to destroy and seize the planet of Zondar. Zondar is the last of the peaceful planets. The Zondarians are skillful and hardworking people. Their cities are built-up and rich in resources. It is truly a planet void of crime and violence.

Zondar has built a powerful defense system. Several antiballistic missile bases have been established within the cities of Zondar. The Zondarians are ready for this attack, and are prepared to fight to save their cities.

As base commander it is your responsibility to protect and defend six cities on the planet of Zondar. The Krytlovians have begun firing interplanetary ballistic missiles. They are aiming at your cities and missile bases. Your only defense is to fire back with antiballistic missiles.

But watch out, the Krytlovians are sly. They also have multiple head missiles, smart bombs, airplanes and satellites. Use your antiballistic missiles (ABMs) to stop the enemy before your happy and harmonious planet is destroyed.

Armageddon is compatable with the Roller Controller!

Armageddon includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



  Astro Invader

Earth's last hope! It's a war between your laser base defense and the incoming hordes of Astro Invaders. Dodge the incoming invaders and their deadly impact explosions! Take out the flying saucers before they land and run off with your women! It's a relentless battle to the very end when you bring home the arcade thrill of Astro Invader!

Astro Invader is a flawless port of the fast-paced arcade game of the same name. Scott Huggins has brought the thrill of the arcade game home to your ColecoVision, faithfully reproducing the sights, sounds, and gameplay of the original. How many waves of alien invaders can you fend off before being overwhelmed?

Includes cartridge, manual, and plastic storage case. Box, label, and manual artwork designed by Joe Kollar.


  Astro Dodge

Armageddon is upon us, the skies are filled with asteroids that are approaching our planet at rapid speeds. You have been chosen to go on a special mission and make your way through the hordes of asteroids!
How long can you survive the onslaught?

Game features Animated Multicolor Sprites, a 2-Player Versus mode, Internet Highscore Uploading and an Online Rewards System. The game package contains of a Game Box, Game Manual and Cartridge. Cover may vary.

Limited to ONLY 100 COPIES!





You are the Bagman™. You move through various mine shafts, picking up money bags and placing them in a wheelbarrow at the surface of the mine.

Bagman includes an offset printed box, manual and label.




Only 2 Remaining
  Bank Panic

This must be the most dangerous job in the west!

You've recently been recruited as the town's newest sheriff, but that shiny new badge of yours does nothing to scare away the crooks! The local bank is often the target of surprise bank robberies, and you've decided to take the bull by the horns and stand guard as the bank's self-appointed security officer, to shoot the robbers as soon as they show their ugly faces. But be careful! Shoot a regular customer, get shot by a robber, or allow bombs to go off and you'll be out of a job faster than you can say "skedaddle"!

Bank Panic includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


Only 3 Remaining
  Bankruptcy Builder

This is a construction company simulation game. You assign four construction teams with different skills to construction sites, always trying to get construction projects completed in time to be able to pay the wages. The game has a simultaneous two-player mode.

Includes cartridge, box, manual and two overlays.



  Battle of Hoth

Defend Echo Base against the Imperial AT-ATs!

Imperial scouts have discovered the location of Echo Base, the Rebels' main base of operation, on the planet Hoth! The Empire has dispatched AT-AT walkers to destroy the base's shield generator, and it's up to you to keep these attackers at bay while Echo Base is evacuated! Pilot your Snowspeeder across the frozen wastelands of Hoth and take the AT-ATs head on! Keep shooting at them until they explode, or use your limited supply of grappling hooks to make them fall. Return to Echo Base for quick repairs, and then go back to the battlefield! Only you can ensure the safety of the Rebels as they try to escape the wrath of the Empire!

Includes cartridge, box, manual.


Only 2 Remaining

  Black Onyx, The

Only the best of adventurers can hope to find the Black Onyx!

For generations, warriors and adventurers have been drawn to the town of Utsuro to challenge the dangers of its underground tunnels, in hopes of finding the legendary Black Onyx, a stone said to give eternal youth and great wealth to its owner. Your small party of adventurers has just arrived in this town of many mysteries, and already you can smell the danger lurking at every turn. Buy equipment and hone your fighting skills, as you will need them to survive and gain experience during your quest. Prepare to engage battle with many monsters, each one more blood-thirsty than the last. Can you beat the odds and find the fabled magical stone?

Includes cartridge, box, manual.

No need to type long codes! Save your progress in one of two savegame slots within the game cartridge!


  Bomb Jack

Take to the skies as you play the part of the intrepid hero Bomb Jack, the man without fear, as he indulges his incurable hobby of bomb collecting.
Bomb Jack will take you around the world from Egypt to Greece, sunsoaked beaches to the skies of New York City, but don't expect a holiday in this game. Danger threatens from every side in the form of deadly robots, rogue satellites and even killer-sparrows!

Includes cartridge, box, manual.


  Bomb'N Blast

A random sequence of shapes falls down the playing field. The objective of the game is to manipulate these shapes, by moving each one sideways and rotating it by 90 degree units, with the aim of creating a horizontal line of blocks without gaps.

When such a line is created with at least a bomb in it, it explodes and destroys surrounding bricks, and any brick above the deleted lines will fall. The more bombs you get in your lines, the bigger the explosion is by chain reaction.

As the game progresses, each level causes the shapes to fall faster, and the game ends when the stack of shapes reaches the top of the playing field and no new shape is able to enter or when you succeed in clearing the 25 levels.

Bomb'N Blast includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



Manual labor has never been this much fun!

Winning the heart of the girl of your dreams is no piece of cake, especially considering the girl in question has expensive tastes! Earn money by pushing crates inside bizarre warehouses into their intended positions. You can only push crates, not pull them, so be careful not to push a crate into a position where it can no longer be moved!

Once you have solved all the puzzles, create your own with the level editor, and save your creations on the game cartridge!

Boxxle includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Bugs'n Bots

When you have been hired as a computer technician in this factory, you thought you had found the ideal job: all the computing and industrial tasks are managed by a mainframe computer which drives robot workers and can solve any production difficulty alone.

The problem is that this computer is so old and buggy that it goes wrong all the time and the robots become completely crazy. It is precisely at this point that you start. While avoiding robots and traps, you must get all the security cards that the computer has thrown away.

Bugs'n Bots includes an offset printed box, manual and label.
across each sector inrder to stop it


  Burn Rubber


- 8 available tracks to test your driver skills.
- Select you car's color before the race.
- Smooth multi-directional track scrolling that must be seen to be believed!
- Beat your best time in Time Trial mode (includes ghost car of previous lap).
- Race against 3 computer-controlled opponents in the Single Race mode.
- Race through all 8 tracks in the Championship mode,
......and review your standings between races.
- In 1-Player Battle mode, race against a single computer driver.
- In 2-Player Battle mode, race against another human opponent.
- Can be played with regular ColecoVision controllers,
......but also designed for full compatibility with the Expansion Module #2.
- Two players can play with two steering wheels simultaneously!

Burn Rubber includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


Only 2 Remaining
  Buster Bros.

Buster Bros. is a cooperative two-player Capcom arcade video game originally released in 1989. The Buster brothers must finish a round-the-world quest to destroy bouncing balloons that are terrorizing several of Earth's cities and landmarks.

Buster Bros. includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Caterpillar S.O.S. Game

In this game you control a bulldozer that rides around and pushes dirt. Each dirt pile represents a "job." To keep your bulldozer from exploding you have to send in oil samples to the Cat dealership, then you will be told if the oil is good or bad. If you fail to do this occasionally your oil will go bad and your bulldozer will explode. To clean the oil you have to go to the Cat dealership. you might also need some repair. The goal of the game is to make the most money from finishing "jobs."

Cat S.O.S. includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



  Chack'n Pop

Jealous of the love between Mr. Chack'n and Miss Chack'n, the Mighta wizards construct a plan to steal their love and break them apart. You are Mr Chack'n, a small yellow creature with extendable legs. You must traverse a series of single-screen mazes. You are capable of walking on floors or ceilings but not walls. You can climb steps and traverse high walls by extending your legs until you are tall enough to pass onto the next step. The evil Monstas will attempt to stop you as you make your way through 14 mazes in an effort to free your hearts from the cages with your bombs. Fortunately you are capable of throwing hand grenades to your left or right which, after a short period, explode into a cloud of killing smoke.

Chack'n Pop includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Chess Challenger

A great new way to play the ultimate game of strategy, whether you're a novice, intermediate or expert. Pit your skill against the Colecovision or an opponent.

The program checks for valid move and follows the full legal chess moves, including castling, promotion and en passant.

Select from three degrees of artificial intelligence and move up in skill as you improve.

Moreover, you can enjoy the ability to edit position in chessboard.

Chess Challenger includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



  Circus Charlie

Are you clown enough to brave all five circus acts?

Step right up! Step right up! See the amazing Charlie the Clown perform death-defying stunts for your amusement! Jumping through fiery hoops on the back of a lion, evading wild monkeys on a tightrope, walking on balloons, riding a horse across a field of suspended trampolines, swinging from rope to rope high above the ground, there's no challenge crazy enough for Charlie! Guide Charlie and help him reach the end of each stage, and rack up points along the way! One wrong move and it's bye bye Charlie! Mess up too many times and Charlie will get fired!

Circus Charlie includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


Only 3 Remaining

An action/puzzle game inspired by Qix.

Once Qix tried to invade our universe entering through the arcade halls, and was fought back by restless arcade players. Now Cix has followed. Careful not to repeat the mistakes of its predecessor, it tries a different route - through the Colecovision units!

It has a simultaneous two-player mode. Includes cartridge, manual and box.


Only 2 Remaining
  Comic Bakery

You are the town baker and have the task of baking and delivering croissants to your customers. Yuo must maintain the bread moving along a factory line while pesky raccoons tried to eat the bread and switch off the machines. Defend your bakery and load up the delivery truck with bread in order to drive off and advance to the next level.

Comic Bakery includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



  Computer Space and Pong Deluxe Box Set

These titles should not need too much introduction. Two great classic arcade games packaged in a special shrinkwrapped boxset, each with their box.
Chris Derrig brings you not only the original look and feel of these historical games, but also new modern variations to enjoy. In the boxset also comes a leaflet about the history of the games written by Martin Goldberg.


  Cosmo Fighter 2

As the Cosmo Fighter Commander you must defend Xunor from an Alien Attack! A giant spaceship is threatening to attack the planet Xunor and capture its inhabitants. As commander of the mighty Cosmo Fighters, you are given the task of eliminating this evil force and returning peace to the galaxy.

But this mission won’t be an easy one! To reach your goal, you must fight your way through various stages, each filled with advanced enemy fighters, grouping together to prevent you from finishing your mission successfully.


  Cosmo Fighter 3

As commander of the Cosmo Fighters, you have successfully defended the planet Xunor from an Alien Attack in Cosmo Fighter 2.

Unfortunately, you have failed to destroy the enemy fleet entirely. And now, after two years of peace in the galaxy, it's back and once again seeking destruction! Again, you'll have to face a dangerous fleet of enemy fighters before facing the final challenge... the evil Zox himself!


  CV Drum

CVDRUM is a ColecoVision cartridge by E-Mancanics based on popular software and hardware drum machines, and it enables the user to create up to 9 different one measure musical rhythm patterns. These patterns can then be arranged into a 56 measure maximum rhythm sequence, and the sequence can then be looped for musical performance. The tempos are also close enough that it can be used in concert with Paul Slocum's Atari 2600 SynthCart. CVDRUM software uses the ColecoVision's sound chips to create 8 different drum like sounds that have the vintage 8-bit sound.

Includes cartridge and full-color, ColecoVision-style label and manual.


Only 3 Remaining
  CYE 1.2

Cye is a clone of Kye, a Boulderdash-like game. It has 28 levels, 5 of which are multi-player levels. Cye contains 8 Irish tunes: The Banks of The Black Water, Down by the River Side, Good Morning Fair Maid, At Midnight Hour, The Monks of the Screw, The Mourne Shore, The Pretty Girls of Ballymena and The Shamrock Shore.

Cye 1.2 has updated graphics from the previous versions
and includes 11 additional levels, three of which are two-player levels!

Includes cartridge, box and manual.



DacMan is very similar to Pac-Man. Move about the maze, eating all the dots and avoiding the three ghosts. If you eat a power pellet, the ghosts turn blue then you can eat them for points. If you need more information that this, then, well... nevermind (sigh)


  Deflector Kollection

Deflektor Kollection is a homebrew game for the ColecoVision programmed by Daniel Bienvenu. Deflektor Kollection is the first homebrew to support the driving controller and/or roller controller.
No traditional joysticks supported.

Deflektor Kollection
features three different games:

Deflektor I: Daniel's first Colecovision game programmed in 1999
Deflektor II: A variation on Deflektor with new features
Dacflektor: A hybrid game combining both DacMan and TV Tennis (2 players)

Deflektor Kollection is not a new homebrew, but the previously named Double Breakout by Daniel Bienvenu. The name was changed to avoid a conflict with Atari's trademark regarding the name Breakout.

Deflektor Kollection includes a ColecoVision-style label and a plastic case with a custom sleeve.




Destructor SCE (Standard Controller Edition)

A gem-collecting quest that's out of this world!

Your starcruiser lands in the hostile alien city of Araknid to collect precious Crystals needed desperately on Earth. Your equipment: the mighty Ram-car. Use your Ram-car to bump Krystaloids, transforming them into precious Crystals! But watch out for the evil Destructor and deadly Insektoids, protectors of the Krystaloids! Can you collect the invaluable jewel-like Crystals and fly home?

The original Destructor published in the eighties required the Expansion Module #2 (a.k.a. the steering wheel controller) to operate. This version has been reprogrammed to work with a regular Colecovision controller for superior gameplay.

Destructor includes an offset printed box, manual and label.




Join the search for buried treasures of sparkling gold and shining emeralds. With chomping front jaws, your motorized Digger Mobile puts you in the driver's seat. Tunnel out free form mazes, outsmart the wide-eyed Nobbins and race to collect precious gems. Count on your wits - you'll need them!

Digger includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



The player controls a robot flying through a story maze, attempting to rescue people and animals while avoiding traps and enemies such as alien creatures, snakes, eagles, magnets and axes.

Drol includes an offset printed box, manual and label.




Dungeon & Trolls

Choose your hero: Warrior, Theif, Archer or Wizard each with their own unique traits, then brave the labyrinth using multiple weapons, potions and spells to protect yourself from snakes, bats, skeleton warriors, trolls and more in order to collect gold and fortune.

Contains 256 rooms to explore!
Random artifact placement for a different game every time.

Dungeons & Trolls includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Earth Defend 2083

The year is 2083... Aliens are trying to invade earth. You are the only one brave enough to fight them.

Get in your space ship and shoot them into another dimension!!

But be careful, they will do anything to crash your ship and wipe you out of the galaxy.

Earth Defend 2083 includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Electric Adventures' Classics

Three great classic arcade games gathered into one cartridge!

Move your space ship through a meteor belt in Meteor Swarm and destroy all the dangerous asteroids.

Fight the evil aliens from an unknown galaxy in Birds of Orion . Zap them before they wipe you out!

Move Munchie around the maze avoiding the ghosts and eating the dots in

EA Adventures' Classics includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Elevator Action

As super-sleuth Agent 17, code name "Otto", you must come out from undercover to accept a top-secret mission. Your country's security is at stake.

You must sneak through a heavily guarded, top-security enemy defense building to steal secret government documents. Only well-planned strategies, bullet-dodging, quick-on-the-draw accuracy and black belt karate prowess will allow you to succeed!

If you fail, your government will deny any knowledge of you or of your assignment. Good luck!

Elevator Action includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Flapee Byrd

The objective is to direct a flying bird which moves continuously to the right, between each oncoming set of pipes without colliding with them, which otherwise ends the game. The bird briefly flaps upward each time the player presses fire. If fire is not pressed, the bird falls due to gravity.

The player is scored on the number of pipes sets the bird successfully passes through, with medals awarded to the score.




You're under attack! The Galagans are reclaiming planets they lost during a centuries-old interstellar war - and now they want yours! And you're ready to fight to the bitter end to protect it!

So you join the Intergalactic Warrior Fleet. Without training, you're assigned to your first combat mission - and on-the-job is the only way to learn. Shaking in your boots, you accept the assignment and board your Intergalactic Command Ship.

Galaga includes an offset printed box, manual and label.
This game requires the SUPER GAME MODULE to operate.








  Game Pack #1

Fourteen games new to the Colecovision on a single cartridge!!

Games include: BrainMaster, Canadair, Carrot, Caterpillar, Circuit 24, FireFighter, Icebergs, Missiles, Nim, Piranhas, Shepherd Dog, Smashes and Toad. Plus a Coleco Music Juke Box.




Game Pack #2

Fourteen more games new to the Colecovision on a single cartridge!!

Games include: Explosion, Gomoku, Isola, Memory Match, MineSweeper, Reversi, Tetrad, Tiouk Tiouk, Treasure and four hidden games including Tank vs. UFO, and Killer Comet. Plus a Coleco Music Juke Box.



  Ghost n Zombies

This is an original game strongly inspired by Capcom's Ghosts n' Goblins. In fact it is the unofficial sequel. You play as Arthur's father through this HUGE 32k cartridge containing 17 levels, 11 villains, a level map, intro and game ending images, background animations and more. This is an original run cartridge and only 25 copies were made with box and manual.

Personally, I think that this is the best game ever created for the Colecovision - official release or homebrew and I've played them all.

Ghost n Zombies includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



This game was released at the CCJVQ's meeting on August 8th, 2009. It was released for the special 10 years anniversary. This is Daniel Bienvenu's finest work and features the most impressive and smoothest screen scrolling to be found on any Colecovision game at 30fps- a REAL technical accomplishment!
Less than fifty copies made, comes in unique "ghostly" clear casing.



  Girl's Garden

Help little Papri win the heart of Minto, the boy of her dreams!

Love is in the air in Papri's garden, as she secretly dreams of dating Minto, the local dream boy. Luckily, Minto loves flowers, and Papri's garden is filled with them, so all she has to do is collect enough of them and give them to Minto to gain his affection. However, time is growing short, as Papri's rival Kokko also has Minto in her sights! Guide Papri around her garden as she collect flowers during the short time that they are in full bloom, while evading bears and avoiding falling into water. Play a bonus game of bear-leaping in between rounds for additional points.

Don't let the name and cutesy graphic style fool you, this is one of the best Colecovision games ever made - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Girl's Garden includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Golgo 13

Only Golgo 13 can free the hostages onboard the runaway trains!

As Japan's best professional hit-man, code-named Golgo 13, you've been hired by local authorities, as a last resort, to free a group of passengers held captive onboard a number of runaway trains. In this emergency situation, there's only one way you can carry out your contract: You must drive your car alongside each train, and use your M-16 rifle to break the train's windows, in order to let the hostages escape. However, not only must you contend with incoming traffic of trains and cars that block your line of fire, you must also watch out for hostile helicopters bent on stopping you dead in your tracks. This is certainly one of Golgo 13's toughest missions!

Golgo 13 includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



Destroy the 8 fortresses of the Gulbas empire!

The war against the interplanetary Gulbas empire has not been going well. Intelligence reports state that the Gulbas forces are regrouped around 8 fortresses, but this information has been of little value, considering the heavy losses endured by the Earth's military space fleet. As the best pilot of the fleet, you have been given control of an advanced prototype star-fighter code-named Zaiigar. Your mission - and Earth's last hope - is to destroy the 8 fortresses and turn the tide of this war. But the Gulbas are relentless adversaries and will not lower their guard when faced with a single enemy fighter! This is undoubtably a suicide mission, but Earth may still prevail if you succeed!

Gulkave includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



Using a behind the motorcycle perspective, the player races a linear race track divided into several stages within a limited time. Reaching a checkpoint at the end of each stage extends the time limit. The game ends if the time runs out.

Hang-On includes an offset printed box, manual and label.




Destroy the 8 fortresses of the Gulbas empire!

You are a commando during the cold war. You and your men managed to enter a secret Soviet base to steal two Russian submarines, the Leimchoutlev and the Volchonok. You took control of them but while escaping the enemy's lair the alarm was raised.

Now the whole red army is chasing you across the sea. Will you survive?

Up to two players can play together on the same screen!

Helifire includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  JawBreaker II

A trip to the candy shop was never so exciting – nor so dangerous! While you are gobbling up treats, a swarm of happy faces is trying to catch you to pull those teeth. To avoid the grinning gobblers, move quickly from side to side and up and down through the continuously moving doors.

Your only defense is to eat an energizer and go after the happy faces. You only have a few seconds after eating the energizer, so hurry!! Once you clear the screen of treats, you will get your teeth brushed before beginning the next level.

***Please note that the game was programmed without sounds.

JawBreaker II includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


SALE $64.75

Flap your way to vitory on the back of an ostrich (or stork) in order to defeat the enemy knights riding buzzards, the Bounders, Hunters, and Shadow Lords! Beware the "indestructable" pterodactl. Another great arcade conversion on the Colecovision.

Up to two players can play together on the same screen!
Sold at the Classic Gaming Expo 2014 and limited to only 200 copies.

Joust includes an offset printed box, manual and label.




The player most  collect all items without getting caught. Gather your skills and prepare yourself to the exciting and incredible jumping challenge! Jump Land is amusing and highly addictive jump style game.

Jumpland includes an offset printed box, manual and label.

This game requires the SUPER GAME MODULE to operate.


  JunkWall: Art Conquors All

The Player is playing the role of Radiabel, a “chrono-cowgirl” that travels through time to 1989 in an attempt to fix history. The heroine confronts a big corporation, portrayed metaphorically in the game as animals and bugs, and tries to prevent them from converting the Berlin Wall into a multi million tourist attraction theme park.

This is a addictive game contain 8 stage set.
You might need some power-ups!

JunkWall includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



Can you survive as a fish?
This colorful and charming game is for one or two players.

Kobashi includes an offset printed box, manual and label.

Only fifty copies produced.


Only 3 Remaining
  Konami's Ping-Pong (with Billiards)

Experience the fast-paced thrills of Ping-Pong!

In this challenging and realistic 8-bit simulation of Ping-Pong, you will need fast reflexes and good timing. Create strategies to defeat the CPU or a friend. You can use "drive" and "cut" techniques to return the ball, allowing you to control speed and to dump the ball to undefended spots on the opponent's court. And if your opponent hits an easy "floater" back to you, get your timing down and smash it back! As an added bonus, Konami's Billiards is also accessible in this ColecoVision game cartridge!

Konami's Ping-Pong includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



  Kung-Fu Master

You are a master of the martial arts. Quietly confident that your skills will allow you to overcome any challenge. Even the greatest challenge of all—THE WIZARDS TEMPLE!! Remote and heavily guarded, the temple is a fortress never before defeated.

You must avoid demons, dragons, snakes and killer bees while doing battle with the wizard's armed henchmen on each of the five floors of the temple. Beware lapses of concentration—you must defeat all of these deadly guardians and more to advance to the next floor. Failure is out of the question— the wizard holds the princess captive, and only you stand between her and an uncertain fate. The one thing you can be certain of is non-stop martial arts action with Kung-Fu Master.

Kung-Fu Master includes an offset printed box, manual and label.






  Light Grid Racing

You are a computer programmer who's been zapped into the grid, a virtual world run by the Main Control Program, an Artificial Intelligence bent on destroying human beings. Your aim is to escape this electronic world.

For one or two players.
Includes cartridge, box, manual.



  Lock'n Chase

Your thief's robbing a local bank. Police are in hot pursuit! Make tracks down the vault corridors. Swipe gold coins and other treasures as you go! Keep one step ahead of the law! Lock doors and throw cops off your trail! Collide with a cop...he's "caught"! Keep on the run!

Lock'n Chase includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



Brøderbund's classic arrives on the Colecovision and the best version was saved for last! You are a highly trained Galactic commando deep in enemy territory. Power hungry leaders of the repressive Bungeling Empire have stolen a fortune in gold from the peace loving people, and you've just discovered their secret underground treasury.

Your goal? To recover every last ingot of Bungeling booty. You'll be running, jumping, and climbing heroically, solving perplexing puzzles, and drilling passage-ways through stone floors and barriers using you laser drill pistol. You'll need more than fleet feet and good looks to get through this mission alive. You'll need your quick wits and brains!

LodeRunner includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Magical Tree

A mysterious castle filled with riches is perched high atop a massive enchanted tree. Pint-sized hero Apache Kid vows to climb to the top, but the owls and cocoons living in the tree are just as determined to protect their home from intruders. Can Apache Kid outsmart the local wildlife and reach the castle in the sky? A perfect conversion of the popular MSX game. This colorful and charming game is for one or two players.

Magical Tree includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Mario Bros.

The 1983 Nintendo arcade game designed by Shigeru Miyamoto. In this Donkey Kong sequel, you play as either of the Italian-American plumbers Mario, or his brother Luigi, to exterminate pests in the New York sewers by flipping them on their backs and then kicking them away. Battle the Shellcreepesr, Fighter Flies, Sidesteppers, Slipice and more in this fast action platforming game complete with bonus levels!

Mario Bros. includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



  MazezaM Challenge

The ZX Spectrum game originally developed by Malcom Tyrrell ported to the Colecovision. Maneuver the hero through thirty (30) exciting mazes in this exciting and addictive puzzle game.

Can you escape the maze?

MazezaM Challenge includes an offset printed box, manual and label.




  Memotech MTX Series Games Collection Volume 1

In Kilopede you must eliminate mushrooms and the descending segmented

Scramble your ship to the defense of Earth in Mission Alphatron.

In Astro-Pac you have to retrieve the parts of your spaceship to fly away.

Battle your way through the squadron of Alien Fighters as they
race from side to side in Astromilon.

Memotech MTX Volume 1 includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


SALE $44.75
  Memotech MTX Series Games Collection Volume 2

In NEMO you must shoot the descending sharks before they eat you.

Find the Power Box to escape from the monsters in the game OBLOIDS.

In Astro-Pac: The Lost Levels you have to retrieve the parts of your spaceship to fly away.

Memotech MTX Volume 2 includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Meteoric Shower

Originally only available on the DINA as a built-in game, this title is now available for the first time to be played on the Colecovision. This Galaga style shooter allows you more room for navigation as well as firing projectiles both up and down so that you cn destroy the invading forces before they shoot or ram you into oblivion. Only 25 copies in circulation.



You are the first scientist to use a new device that is supposed to explore people's mind. Your mission is to cure a patient suffering from a mental disorder.

You hav to set her brain free from the walls the disease builds in her mind. You've got a virtual paddle with a ball to destroy any obstacle. Use your paddle to prevent the ball from falling and to send it on the walls to destroy them. Options will sometimes fall from the destroyed bricks. Try to get them to ease your work.

Compatible with the Colecovision Roller Controller!

MindWalls includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


Only 3 Remaining
  Module Man

Rise up to the challenge of your king!

The king of your kingdom is looking for a new knight to sire, and you're next in line for the post! However, the king will only give your candidacy serious consideration if you manage to bring back the coveted royal sword from the depths of his deadly dungeon! Armed only with a crossbow, you must run, jump, climb and shoot your way through the maze of dungeon rooms, picking up various items for bonus points and keys to open locked doors along the way. Watch out for patrolling guards of all shapes and sizes, most of which will shoot at you on sight! Find the sword, bring it back to your king, and you will become the hero of your kingdom, and also its next royal knight!

Every game session is different: Rooms are always the same, but items and enemies are randomly placed inside these rooms, so you never really know what you will find beyond the next door. This simple feature gives the game amazing replay value, despite being rather difficult and unforgiving.

Module Man includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Monster Masher
Inspired by Ole Laursen's Gnome Game

In the old days, before man entered the world, the gnomes were abundant. Through centuries of hard labour, only slightly eased by the levitational powers provided to them by their god, they bored out shafts and caves in the mountains. Always seeking the precious stones and valuable ore. But the gnomes dug too deep...
So the story begins.

Clean the caves as levitation worker gnome
by mashing the monsters with stone blocks.

Single player option or Multiplayer Simultaneous play!
Randomly generated levels. A New game Every time!


  Moon Patrol

Hop into your Moon Buggy and test yourself on a lunar obstacle course.

You'll fight off hostile aliens, jump over huge craters and landmines and blast moonrocks from your path.

And as if that weren't enough, you'll encounter alien tanks and missiles that'll blow you into moondust if you aren't careful!


Only 4 Remaining

The Razzons are here! Mopiranger to the rescue!

All is not well in Mopiland! Invaders from far away, the Razzons, are bent on enslaving the peaceful Mopiras! The first phase of their plan was to capture the young Moplits and lock them up in their maze-like water castles, but they didn't count on Mopiranger, the hero defender of Mopiland! As the Mopiranger, ride your trusty canoe through the Razzon's water castles, and free the Moplits! Use your Stone Beamer to turn the Razzons to stone, but be careful not to block yourself into a corner of the maze! Go, Mopiranger, Go!

Mopiranger includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Mr. Chin

Clad in Chinese clothes and wearing a Chaplin moustache, Mr. Chin must spin all the plates preventing them from falling while avoiding pursuit and disruption
from rascals. A thrilling and comical game, with very unique game play, sure to attract your heart!

Mr. Chin includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Nibbli: Son of Nibbler

Its gameplay is a variant of Pac-Man and Snake : the object is to navigate a virtual snake through an enclosed maze, while consuming dots along the way. The length of the snake increases with each object consumed, making the game more difficult. The player must also avoid colliding with walls or obstacles, and must also avoid colliding with the snake's own body sections. After all the objects on the screen have been eaten, the player progresses to the next wave , involving harder obstacles and/or higher game speeds.

Nibbli includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Ninja Princess

She's not just a princess! She's a ninja!

In the Japanese province of Ohkami, the people were cheering the arrival of their princess, who had been away on a training expedition. But the tyrant Gyokuro and his ninja thugs seized power over the land and the people are desperate for a savior! Luckily for them, the princess has completed her training in the secret ninja arts, and has vowed to single-handedly defeat Gyokuro! Armed with knives and throwing stars, she must fight her way to the provincial palace, facing hordes of cunning ninjas along the way! Can she restore peace and order to her land?

Ninja Princess includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Overlay Set 1

This is a quality set of newly manufactured overlays for all the original Colecovision games that were packaged with standard controller overlays.

2010 - The Graphic Adventure Game
Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show
Dam Busters, The
Dr. Suess's Fix-Up The Mix-Up Puzzler
Fortune Builder
Ken Uston Blackjack - Poker
Smurf Paint 'n Play
Spy Hunter
War Games
War Room

The overlays are reverse color laser printed on to high quality transparency film. Then a thin layer of white laminate is applied to the back side of the transparencycreating the "white" coloring for the overlays and adding protection to the overlay image. These overlays are 100% plastic, no paper or paint is used to manufacture them.



Overlay Set 2

This set contains overlays for games that should have been packaged with overlays, such as the complicated Quest for Quintana Roo and Gateway to Apshai, as well as overlays for homebrew titles such as Spectar and CV Drum.

Astro Invader
Boulder Dash
CV Drum
Gateway to Apshai
Miner 2049er
Quest for Quintana Roo

The overlays are reverse color laser printed on to high quality transparency film. Then a thin layer of white laminate is applied to the back side of the transparencycreating the "white" coloring for the overlays and adding protection to the overlay image. These overlays are 100% plastic, no paper or paint is used to manufacture them.


  Ozma Wars

War is raging in the solar system of Ozma. Alien armies invaded the area spreading death and destruction among the Human populations living on the four inhabited planets of this star. You are the captain of the Star End, a space ship sent to stop the enemies. Prepare for battle as the fight is going to be harsh! All of mankind is threatened if this outpost falls! It will be a long mission for sure, docking ships will meet you along your journey to replenish your energy.

Ozma Wars includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Pac-Man Collection

Evading the pesky ghosts while chompin' on the dots and gobbling up the fruit for bonus points! Pac-Man Collection features three Pac-Man games. Pac-Man, the charming Ms. Pac-Man and the Japanese version of Pac-Man, Puckman. These ports are so authentic that you can even use the level patterns you used in the arcade.
For one or two players.

Pac-Man Collection includes an offset printed box, manual and label.




Come play with Elmo in his play room!

Introducing the latest offering from the wizards at Dvik & Joyrex, a game designed specifically for toddlers and pre-schoolers (ages 1 to 6)! Elmo of Sesame Street is hiding in his play room, and he wants to play a game of peek-a-boo with you! This game offers two play modes, one for toddlers (where Elmo pops up whenever the player presses any direction on the joystick or any button on the controller) and another for pre-schoolers (where the player is required to push the joystick in the direction where Elmo appears, within a short time limit). Elmo actually speaks in this game! Come and play with Elmo!

Peek-a-boo includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Penguin Land

In Penguin Land, you must control a penguin trying to get an egg down to the bottom of the level, while tunneling through ice to get there. Special egg and penguin blocks may make things easier, while polar bears and falling rocks will almost certainly slow you down.

This game comes Complete in box with a nice manual.



You are Pippols, a brave boy, who is seeking the Holy Gem to bring back light to the world. Watch out as the fairies of darkness will try to stop you in your journey across the various countries of the world of Magic.



  Pitfall II Arcade

Pitfall Harry's quest for treasure never ends!

Pitfall Harry has undertaken his most dangerous and challenging adventure yet! Deep inside a jungle infested with wild animals, and even deeper into the underground caves below, guide Harry as he locates money bags and assorted treasure, with the ultimate goal of finding a priceless crystal orb! Evade the deadly bite of crocodiles, bats, scorpions, poisonous frogs and many more, and also steer clear of lava pits, falling stalagtites and other terrain hazzards! Harry is counting on you!

Superior to the previous Pitfall II game published on ColecoVision in the eighties, this version features better graphics, unites elements from the original Pitfall, and even adds some new elements like falling stalagtites.

Pitfall II Arcade includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



Rescue Pooyan From Fierce Wolves!

One day in a forest, a group of Wolves attacked the pig's house where Mother Pig (Mama) and her little Piggies (Pooyans) where living peacefully. Mama fought against Wolves to protect Pooyans using arrows and meat.

For all her afforts, however, some Pooyans were kidnapped.
Hating the Wolves, Mama bravely goes to the Wolves' Lair to rescue Pooyans.
Is Mama able to beat wolves and take and take Pooyans back home?

Pooyan includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Princess Quest

Your princess has been captured by an evil king!

The legends says that a beautiful princess was born to give happiness to a true knight. An evil king with magical powers kidnapped the princess, taking her far away to a demonic kingdom. She was made prisoner in a castle. To reach it, a knight must travel without fear through the darkness. Only a brave knight will be able to defeat the vicious monsters guarding the princess.

As the brave knight of the story, you'll have to travel through a desert, a forest, a cemetary, and a cave which leads to the castle of the evil king. Hordes of demons and nightmarish creatures will stand in your way, but do not despair! Put your strength and courage to the test, and rescue the princess!

Princess Quest includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



Line up three or more sea creatures of the same color from the top to make them disappear (get caught). If they reach the bottom, the game is over.

This is an adaptation of an arcade game by Banpresto.

Puzzli includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



Quest for the Golden Chalice

Dragons and castles and bats... Oh my!

The cowardly Prince of Larosia will need to face his deepest fears, as his kingdom has been overrun by a group of hungry dragons! Even worse, the evil mastermind behind this attack is none other than Mardok the wizard, who the Prince had banished a year before! The townspeople - including the royal guards - have all fled the kingdom, leaving the Prince alone to fend for himself, and even worse, Mardok has stolen the Golden Chalice, the greatest treasure of Larosia! It now falls to the Prince to restore the people's confidence in his royalty, and there's only one way to do it: He must return the Golden Chalice to the Yellow Castle!

Guide the Prince as he runs across the kingdom, locating keys, a sword and other assorted objects, in an effort to locate the Golden Chalice and carry it back home. Don't let the dragons get too close, or they will have the Prince for lunch! Also be wary of the giant bat, who will steal objects and move them around, causing the Prince additional headaches!

Quest for the Golden Chalice includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


with bonus game
Diamond Dash

is based on the classic board game where your objective is to capture the most pieces on the game board by flipping discs to your color. A disc, or an unbroken line of discs of the same color, is captured when it becomes flanked on opposite ends by two opposing pieces, one of which must be the disc that was just placed on the board. The player with the most discs at the end of the game is the winner! A tie can also result if both players have the same number of discs at the end. Now you can enjoy this masterpiece of strategic combat on your ColecoVision game console, thanks to ColecoVision programmer Daniel Bienvenue.

Also included as an added bonus is Daniel Bienvenu's 2004 MiniGame Competition entry, Diamond Dash. Dig through five mountains with a limited supply of dynamite, collecting all the diamonds as fast as you can! Do you have the skill to make it through all five mountains?


  Road Fighter

Road Fighter is a Fast and furious racing game. Open the throttle all the way on your custom Road Fighter! Pedal to the metal, challenge world-class rival drivers to the finish line in a whirlwind road race full of action and excitement!

Learn to control a skidding car to avoid crashes. Keep track of your fuel level. Race throught 6 different sceneries, including desert, beach, bridge and snow. Two challenging levels. A perfect conversion of the popular MSX game with bonus ending animation.

Road Fighter includes an offset printed box, manual and label.




Roller Ball

Pinball is a game loved by people all over the world. And now you can enjoy four of them all rolled into one game! Four different sets of obstacles put a lot of variety into the game. You have never seen such complicated bounding of the ball. Where will it go? And can you control it? Try your hand at becoming the first player to score a million points, today!

Roller Ball includes an offset printed box, manual and label.
This game requires the SUPER GAME MODULE to operate.










The Player controls a small character who has to go through a serious of stages. The twist of the game is in the movement: instead of simply flying around, you must shoot into the direction opposite of the desired movement. For example, if you shoot several times to the left, you'll be thrown to the right.  Everything is built around the reactive force of your gun and the gravity force, which will slowly make you descend onto the ground if you don't shoot continuously. Preserving the precious energy points and trying to propel yourself exactly to the obstacles which you must destroy on your way to the energy packs is the only way to successfully complete the game.

SASA includes an offset printed box, manual and label.

This game requires the SUPER GAME MODULE to operate.


SALE $22.75
  Schlange CV

The popular game SCHLANGE a/k/a Snakes or Nibbles slithers to the Colecovision!

Four serpents compete to survive while grabbing goodies.

Avoid crashing into the walls or a competing snake, and try to survive as space becomes a luxery as the serpents grow with every bite!

Grab the special bonus goodie to prevent your opponant snakes from expanding for a short period of time.

During a game you play through randomly selected levels ordered with increasing difficulty. Schlange contains a whopping 45 different levels.

Single player competes against three A.I. computer controlled opponants, or play with a friend with or without computer controlled serpents.

Twelve tunes accompany your journey through the game.
Multiple skill levels to accomadate all players.


  Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels

In this game you are a prince trying to recover the
stolen crown jewels needed for his coronation.

The Good Deal Games edition of Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels Contains an EXCLUSIVE AIRCRAFT DIVE PERFORMANCE LEVEL!


  Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels 2

If you liked the first 'Crown Jewels' title,
then you will love the sequel!

A neighbouring country invaded your kingdom while you were away recovering the stolen crown jewels during the events of the first game.

Now you have to fight them in the air and on the ground, in an airplane, with airship and anti-air guns, gun towers and as a special agent infiltrating and sabotaging their installations.


Only 3 Remaining
  Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels 3

This is the third and final part of the SCJ trilogy.

After the events of the first two games, you are now seen as a war hero and popular enough that a coronation seems possible even though the war hasn't yet ended and part of your kingdom is still occupied by the enemy. However, the night before the planned coronation, you awake to some noise of fighting...

Includes cartridge, box, and manual.


Only 3 Remaining
  Shunting Puzzle

This is a Shunting Puzzle game, consisting of four levels; randomized starting positions provide variety in two of them. The game contains sixteen tunes from railway-themed songs.

Includes cartridge, box, manual.


  Side Trak

This fast-moving game puts you in control of a thundering locomotive. You must direct the locomotive down the track and pick up the passengers along the way. In doing so, you must avoid a deadly runaway train that is out to demolish your locomotive! Can you stay on the track and score?

Side Trak includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Sky Jaguar

Sky Jaguar is a challenging, fast-paced shooter unlike anything you've seen on the ColecoVision game system! When a weakened and vulnerable Earth is invaded by the vicious Zephyr army, the planet's only hope is a fleet of powerful ships, the Sky Jaguars. It'll take sharp reflexes and amazing skill to survive the Zephyrians' unrelenting assault... can you last long enough to discover and destroy the enemy's hidden headquarters? Power ups and hidden items add to the fun.

A perfect conversion of the popular MSX game, designed by the creators of the long-running Gradius series.

Sky Jaguar includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



Players manipulate a blaster weapon around a desert background with dense vegetation. Fend off attacks by giant snakes, pterodactyls and mutant gorillas in this game reminiscent of Centipede.

The original Slither published in the eighties required the Roller Controller (a.k.a. the trackball) to operate. This version has been reprogrammed to work with a regular Colecovision controller for superior gameplay. Only 25 copies in circulation.



  Smurf Challenge

The Smurfs are back in a fun new game called... Smurf Challenge!
Complete in four distinct challenges to see who is the most smurfy!

Smurf Challenge includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


SALE $49.75

So you want to be a Knight?

When you were a child, your dream was to become a knight but your fate was to be a peasant like your parents. This goal has always seemed impossible to reach. Now the only way to achieve your dream is to participate in a series of tests. The winners of the contest can access this social position.

These trials are known to be extremely difficult and failure means death. The events take place in the greatest secrecy and winners must remain confidential. Note that there are rumors saying that it takes more than winning events to become a knight.

Because of the unknown risks, most candidates are people who have nothing to lose, mad men or simple minds. Malicious tongues even say that the creator of these tests, the king, had this idea to rid the kingdom of useless people and thus solve the problem of poverty.

So you want to be a Knight? includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



In the city of the Spectars, the heroic Wummel continues the crusade against evil and injustice. Scream around hairpin turns while avoiding enemy cruisers! Blast your way through to grab the energy stars and clear that city sector! This city is more dangerous than New York in the 1970's so grab your joystick and enter the world of SPECTAR.

Scott Huggins has crafted his second masterpiece for the ColecoVision, this time bringing the classic arcade game Spectar to the system. As with Scott Huggin's first ColecoVision game (Astro Invader), Scott's done an excellent job of recreating this arcade classic on the ColecoVision, a system that already has a large library of great arcade ports. How many levels can YOUR heroic Wummel clear?

Includes cartridge, manual, and plastic storage case. Box, label, and manual artwork designed by Joe Kollar.


SALE $54.75
  Spunky's SuperCar

In the universe, there exists a car with really cool tail fins of awesome power. This car wants to party, and you've been chosen to come along for the ride. Slide into the leather bucket seats of adventure with SUPER CAR!

Smash tombstones, blast mermaids while driving underwater, jump the Grand Canyon, protect the earth from alien invaders from orbit, race Haley's Comet and cook dinosaurs with your lasers... all while protecting your paint job!

Spunky's SuperCar includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



  Star Force

The Final Star is our last hope against planet Gordess!

In the year 2010 of the Dimensional Almanac, a mysterious rogue planet appeared in the darkness of the cosmos. It was named Gordess, and its war-driven inhabitants plundered the resources of every planet they encountered, and left nothing but death in their wake. Fighting the Gordess seemed impossible, and yet, against all odds, a brave soldier riding a space patroller challenged the alien army. People called this space patroller the Final Star, and hoped it would save them from impending doom. The Gordess has been commiting mass murder for the last 2000 years. As the pilot of Final Star, can you put a stop to it?

Star Force includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



  Star Soldier

The player pilots the starship "Caesar", travelling through space stations occupied by powerful supercomputers known as "Starbrains" who threaten the galactic empire. Star Soldier greatly resembles the earlier arcade game Star Force.

Star Soldier includes an offset printed box, manual and label.

This game requires the SUPER GAME MODULE to operate.


SALE $49.75

StarShip Defense Force

A new alien army has defeated the Ozma solar system. Now their ships are heading towards Earth. Alien forces are too strong. The only chance for mankind is to leave Earth and find another planet far away from the aliens.

Human survivors take place into starships to seek a new home. You coordinate the actions of two gunners on a starship stayed behind to stop the enemies in a crossfire. Make sure they don't break your energy shield and destroy your spacecraft.

The future of mankind is in your hands!

StarShip Defense Force includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Strip Poker

Kick-ass music
Lovely graphics
Human-like opponent
and Poker variation 5-card draw classic.

Other than that use your imagination :-)

Strip Poker includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


SALE $42.75
  Super Mine-Field

The object of the game is to get from one side of the minefield to the other without being blown up. You only get one life so be careful – not all the mines are visible so use your detector.

Super Mine-Field includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


SALE $49.75
  Tank Challenge

Blast your buddy in this Head-To-Head war! Get in or out of your tank, destroy your opponent or walls with TNT explosions, and interact with Lazer Walls that act as doors, shields and even a weapon.

Three modes of play: Save the POWs before time runs out, the Most Hits Win or Destroy the Enemy Base!

Customize your game with 5 speeds, 32 play arenas, add ricochet bullets or bouncing cannonballs, and more.

Tank Challenge includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



This is a game with two main characters, the swifty Bunny and the greedy Turtle. Both of them are trapped in a fruit maze, so are some wicked snakes chasing after Bunny. Life is not so easy. All fruits are hidden under those red hearts scattering around. Turtle should be well fed with fruits before he gets out of the maze and advances to a brand new level.

Telebunny includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Terra Attack

You've got issues. You are the commander of the Defense Unit for the Terra Community with four Towers and three Defense Cannons under your watch. The Terra Community is the first outpost on this planet so usually things are pretty quiet. You're just about to call it a night when the warning sirens scream out the approach of invading alien ships. If the aliens can destroy Terra, the entire planet is theirs and it's the end of your cushy government job, not to mention the lives of the inhabitants of the Four Towers.

Quickly manning the remote controls of the three Defense Cannons your fire at wave after wave of swarming aliens. It's a balancing act trying to switch cannons an eye on your ammunition while the aliens switch tactics with each wave. Your Shields are limited too but stay alive long enough and you'll have to face "The Boss." He's aptly named and capable of destroying the whole Terra Community in a matter of seconds. It is going to take a lot of ammo and a lot of skill to destroy "The Boss", but the rewards are great too.

The improbable task awaits you... how long can YOU be the Hero of Terra?

Terra Attack is Scott Huggins' third ColecoVision homebrew game, following the widely acclaimed Astro Invader and Spectar arcade ports. Terra Attack is a uniquely original game in concept and execution!

Includes cartridge, manual, and plastic storage case. Box, label, and manual artwork designed by Joe Kollar.



  Track n' Field

Challenge the olympic world records!

Athletes from all over the world converge in a single location to proove their worth, in the greatest sports competition of all time: The olympic games!
In Konami's Track & Field , you can join them and get a nice work-out in the process!

One or two players participate in four time-honored Olympic events: The 100-meter dash, the long jump and the hammer throw and 400 meter dash.

In each event, the player must qualify against a pre-determined time or distance in order to proceed to the next event. If not, the competition is over.

Can you make your home country proud?

Track & Field Arcade includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Turbo: Standard Controller Edition

Drive your car from a third-person perspective above and behind through town, up hills, through tunnels, around curves, and over bridges, in the snow, and at dusk/dawn.

The original Turbo published in the eighties required the Expansion Module #2 (a.k.a. the steering wheel controller) to operate. This version has been reprogrammed to work with a regular Colecovision controller for superior gameplay. Only 25 copies in circulation.





Paradise Island will not remain a paradise for long without your help!

The time is the far future. The notorious Spice King has led a rampaging army onto the blissful Paradise Island to plunder and steal the fabled Jewel of Paradise. The normally peaceful islanders put up a brave fight, but to no avail: Paradise Island was overrun by the invading troops, and the Jewel has fallen into the hands of the Spice King and his four Shogun henchmen. The only hope for the islanders is the reclusive Dr. Cinnamon, living in the Valley of the Unknown somewhere on the far side of Paradise Island. Dr. Cinnamon has handcrafted two unusual rocket-powered fighters of his own secret design, called WinBee and TwinBee. His two adventurous sons plan to pilot WinBee and TwinBee to drive the invaders out and recapture the Jewel.

TwinBee includes an offset printed box, manual and label.
This game requires the SUPER GAME MODULE to operate.


  Victory: Standard Controller Edition

Pilot your BattleStar spaceship and fight a variety of enemy ships in space and on the planet.

The original Victory published in the eighties required the Roller Controller (a.k.a. the trackball) to operate. This version has been reprogrammed to work with a regular Colecovision controller for superior gameplay. Only 25 copies in circulation.




Command your tank ina death battle until your enemies tanks are destroyed. Destroy buildings, rocks, trees and barbed wire to flush out the enemy tanks from the cover and destroy them.

Next take to the skies and battle the enemy plane to plane in a showdown for iar superiority. But watch out for birds as they will cause your plane to crash.

Includes both single-player oprions and two-player action for your Colecovision or Adam home computer.

WAR includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Way of the Exploding Foot, The

Raphael-San and Mathis-San are two boys seeking a mysterious ancient wisdom that can transcend the mind and body. They traveled the world before meeting the wise Yu-Ki who decided to teach them the mythic way of the exploding foot. Now both of them train in this martial art under the aegis of their spiritual master. Become a master of this mysterious ancient art: Test your strength and discipline and progress to become a true karateka.

You control your character with Control Stick - 16 different maneuvers including blocks, flying kicks, legsweeps, round-house, and somersaults! Challenge the computer, facing opponents of progressively greater skill or compete with a friend.

Way of the Exploding Foot includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


Only 2 Remaining
  Wonder Boy

Can Tom-Tom rescue his girlfriend from the clutches of the evil Drancon?

Oh no! Tom-Tom's girlfriend Tanya has been adbucted by Drancon, the evil lizard king! Now it's up to Tom-Tom to rescue her! Through forests and caves, Tom-Tom must run, jump and toss his trusty stone hammer at dangerous animals that stand in his way, then face a boss monster at the end of each stage. Help him catch the fruits and eggs that appear before him to restore his health, and also keep an eye out for special treasures that will give you bonus points!

Wonder Boy includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


  Yie Ar Kung-Fu

The ONLY fighting game for the ColecoVision. In this spin-off of the exciting and innovative arcade game, you'll battle your way to the top of a mysterious palace filled with the world's most dangerous warriors. Can you withstand the might of the Chop Suey Triad Gang and save China from the diabolical Willy Wu?

Large, colorful characters and detailed backgrounds bring the martial arts action to life. Play against the computer in story mode or challenge a friend in exclusive two player battles. Perfect your Kung-Fu techniques in the special bonus stage.

Yie Ar Kung-Fu includes an offset printed box, manual and abel.


  Zippy Race

Drive down the L.A. freeway, through the Vegas desert, over the Texas roadways and in and out of the Midwest backwoods. Drive treacherous and curvy roads while avoiding obstacles such as cars, trees, puddles, rivers, bends in the road, rocks, trucks that drop barrels and even cactus.

Zippy Race includes an offset printed box, manual and label.


SALE $54.75



Millennia ago, an unknown alien race created a tiny device known as the "System" containing boundless wisdom and knowledge, but also vast destructive potential. If properly opened it would grant access to untold wisdom and technology, but if improperly accessed it would unleash almost unlimited destruction.

Mankind attempted to access the System and failed, and the System began to spread out from the tiny Icon that contained it. Spreading throughout known space conquering and destroying all in sight, it posed a mortal danger to all life.

Mankind discovered how to properly access the knowledge and technology within the System, but could not shut its destructive expansion down because of its vast tactical systems.

The System threatens to engulf the entire galaxy and destroy all life. However, the defenses of the System are designed around destroying and overcoming entire fleets. In theory a lone starfighter may be low enough priority to the defenses of the System to allow it to fight its way into the heart of the System and destroy it.

AFX-6502 "Zanac", the most advanced starfighter ever produced, is launched on a desperate mission to fight its way to the heart of the System and shut it down forever.

ZANAC includes an offset printed box, manual and label.
This game requires the SUPER GAME MODULE to operate.


Only 2 Remaining
  Zombie Near

You are a Code Delta Agent from the Special Delta Team. Delta Team's operator has just received a message from the Government labs. Something weird has happened. Something about zombies. But before the operator could receive more information, the message suddenly stopped. Delta Agents are given the mission to discover what's going on.

Will you survive?

Zombie Near includes an offset printed box, manual and label.



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