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Sega CD Publishing
Releasing NEW Games for Classic Systems!

Burning Fists:
Force Striker




Each character has a unique set of fighting moves!

Two Modes of Play:
Single Player Mode and Two-Player Battles!!

Beat your buddies to a pulp!

Compatable with both controller styles.
Additional Special 6-Button Controller Set-up!!


Mighty Mighty

It's a game of Cat n' Mouse!!

Evacuate your mice to safety by loading them into your missile before rival pilots detour your vermin friends and sneak Intergalactic cool cats on board!

Brain-twisting Puzzles and Extreme Gameplay Action!!

Single Player Action or Addictive Multi-Player Fun!!
Take on your buddies in the Four-way Mouse Dash!

Play the challenging Puzzle Mode & Stage Challenge
to extend the playability of this EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE TITLE!

Mighty Mighty Missile game content is evolutive! The more puzzle stages that you clear, the more maps appear in the multi-player modes.

PLUS, the more you play, the more BONUS GAMES are unlocked!


Battle Frenzy
 In December of 2049, the Sol System is assaulted by an alien armada. Your mission is to board the enemy’s primary battle cruiser and disable sixteen plasma nodes using data retrieved from a captured alien vessel.

To help give you an edge, you have been physically adapted to help prepare for the upcoming confrontation. The Battle Frenzy chip, codenamed Bloodshot, has been implanted into your neural net transforming you into a decisive instrument of carnage!

Hunt your Targets!!
Fulfill your Mission!!

Navigate in Three-Dimensions on the Sega CD!!


In transit to soccer practice, Marko can't believe his eyes when he witnesses the cunning Colonel Brown transform a meek rat in the alley to a hideous sludge creature. The mutant rat attacks our young hero, but with the help of his magic soccer ball, Marko triumphs. Marko commits to foiling Colonel Brown's evil plans of dominating North Sterlington and the adventure begins!

Roam through city streets, the sewers, construction sites, the forest and the circus in a quest to defeat the mad Colonial Brown and his gruesome army of green sludge monsters.Marko's only weapons are his pop gun and his amazing soccer ball, which he uses to knock out crazy clowns, gangs, sludge monsters, and other nasties. You'll also have to master key skills like knee taps, headers and bicycle kicks to advance to the final showdown!

The ball is MAGIC!



Citizen X

Our Worst Fears Have Come True!!

An elite terrorist organization lead by a madman has vowed to destroy the world as we know it. Saving the world might not have been in your weekend plans but things change.

You are the only one left to take on a task which literally fell into your lap. A dying government agent begs you to continue her failed mission while handing you a hi-tech watch connected to the command center now giving you orders.

Diseased sewer rats, psychotic circus clowns, mafia hitmen, and cannibalistic martial arts masters are just a few of the obstacles in your way. Let's not forget, you will still need to find the antidote to save the human race from biowarfare extinction!

Oh yeah, one more important thing -- you only have 15 minutes...


Bug Blasters:
The Exterminators

"The Humans have crushed us for years!" -- General Grub

Los Angeles, a quiet little town until... THEY CAME!
Now a terrified city crawling with crime!

A band of warrior insects calling themselves 'The league of Insects' under the control of General Grub and El Roacho, have captured City Hall and are holding Los Angeles hostage! You are the rookie member of the elite fighting force, The Bug Blasters. Accompanied by a crack team of experts, including Team Captain McVay, a veteran of the New York City Roach Wars of '79, you must vanquish the insect threat throughout the city and the long overlooked underground tunnels in which they have been swarming. Prevent these pests from further capturing and cacooning humans. You are an exterminator. Destroy the hive, and get out alive before it's too late!                

"You've got a problem... We're here to SOLVE IT!"


Star Strike

"This is Blue Wing 7 decellerating to sub-lightspeed entering normal space time - Galatia, we're coming home!"

And bad news he brings...

"Scouts have confirmed the facts: An enemy Battle Destroyer has been spotted entering Sector Delta Five-Niner carrying Proton weapons. They are going to stop at nothing to destroy everything in our galaxy!"  -- Admiral Rakin, Commanding Officer

They know our Secrets!

Launching from repair bay 28 of the Galatea, you guide your Blue Fighter Wing through the Launch Ring at lightspeed, entering enemy territory, sector Delta Five Niner! Your mission: Rescue the Orange Wing Center which was captured alive, before the enemy ingests his brain -- A brain which they consider to not only be an excellent source of protein, but also, once consumed, transfers all knowledge to the species - Including military secrets, vital to the survival of all mankind!

Can you rescue your comrad & Destroy the opposing Protoid Forces?


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